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Once again I started with the intent of talking about one thing, and ended up talking about another

I had originally planned to talk about the Terminator movie franchise today but I’ve had a sudden change of heart. I was in the bathroom taking a piss and as is usual when I have my penis whipped out of … Continue reading

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Quite Possibly My Biggest Failure Ever?

Well I’ve done it, I’ve completed my mission and gone eighteen days without masturbating (the goal was to go the rest of the year without masturbating) oh, well I definitely failed at that. That’s right people, to quote the great … Continue reading

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Updates on my Challenge

Day 1: I have no desire to masturbate. It sounds disgusting to me. I feel like I never want to masturbate again. Oh my God I need to masturbate now or else I’m going to die! Day 2: So many … Continue reading

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The most ironic thing to ever happen in my life was when I knocked my tooth out at a Safeway store. An experiment in typing: My wall is painted blue. I don’t know why it is painted that color but … Continue reading

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