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#31 I’ve Got A $20 Bill That Says…I Better Spend It Frugally Because Without A College Degree I’m Gonna Have A Hard Time Finding A Job And Making Money

#31 Mix Tape by Brand New I love this song a lot, and I already know that one of my biggest regrets of this countdown is that it wasn’t able to make it into the top 30. I know it … Continue reading

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#60 Taker Not A Giver by Northstar

“If you get the chance to, wipe that glare off your face. French kiss my fingerprints and heave it in an alleyway. Defenseless yet so violent princess of divine, your ugliness arrived on time. And I know I never was … Continue reading

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New year Resolutions Update

The reason I choose to write updates on my four new year resolutions is so they stay fresh in my mind throughout the year. I find that most people state their resolution[s] at the beginning of the year and then … Continue reading

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Community College Update

Yesterday I went back to community college for the start of winter term. It was very ‘business as usual’ like. I woke up, ate some food, took a shower, jerked off – it helps wake me up – threw on … Continue reading

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My Community College Career Update

I start my fourth year of Community College on Monday – I haven’t completed three full years, I’ve just been enrolled at the school at different points throughout the last three years, and during that time have accumulated enough credits … Continue reading

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