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I don’t know what this is

If you think you know me you probably don’t unless you’re one of five people. I said five semi-randomly but I’m going to go ahead and name those five people. I think Chris knows me. Of all my friends in … Continue reading

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I talk about talking to Leighton

So last night I talked to Leighton on the telephone. Why am I bringing it up here? Well nothing too interesting took place, other than pleasant conversation, but I didn’t know what to write about for yesterday’s blog, and I … Continue reading

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I’ll talk about my talk with Leighton tomorrow

I just ate a Tuna sandwich from Subway and it was fucking drenched in mayonnaise. I don’t hate mayonnaise but when I’m eating a sandwich I don’t want it to taste like I’m beer bonging a quart of mayonnaise, and … Continue reading

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