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Thoughts On The Season 2 Finale of Girls

When the season 2 finale of Girls ended I was confused with my emotions. All of the girls (minus Jessa) had ostensibly happy endings. Hannah gets rescued by a shirtless, door breaking-down Adam, Marnie gets to have brown babies and … Continue reading

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TV, Girls, Such and Such

On this weeks episode of the podcast Chris and I spent some time talking about new TV shows, or rather Chris listened to me talk about the girls I like on new TV shows. I do enjoy watching pretty girls … Continue reading

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This Week In Quentin

What if this post was just about things I put in my ass this week? And I don’t even talk about them. I just make a list. A penny, triple A battery, dildo, not so lucky rabbits foot, cats tail … Continue reading

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#46 The Cuddle Whore

#46 Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional As soon as I knew this song was making my list I knew exactly what the first sentence I would write about it would be. However I was wrong because the thing you just … Continue reading

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Happy Fun Time Dance…

I have this good memory, and it’s weird in a sense. The situation isn’t weird, well compared to my everyday life it’s weird, but other than that it’s pretty normal. I was at a club with Nathan, which is the … Continue reading

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Bedtime Thoughts #9

It was, I’m guessing, somewhere between ten and fifteen minutes ago that I was brushing my teeth in the mirror and thinking about writing another installment of bedtime thoughts and how what has been on my mind most recently is … Continue reading

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Bedtime Thoughts 7

I’m not sure where I went wrong, but then again if I really think about it I can’t ever recall a time when I was doing things right. I’m not sure what doing things right would be. In kindergarten was … Continue reading

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