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Bedtime Thoughts #2

Recently I’ve thought about being a stripper. Not in a realistic sense, just in a fanciful way, like how a little boy would dream of being an astronaut; putting a cardboard box with a hole cut out of one side … Continue reading

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If My Hands Were A Million Penises I Guess I’d Wash Them

I advocate the use of urinal divides at every urinal. I don’t want to see some guy’s penis, especially while he’s peeing, but even more especially when he’s holding it to aim better while he’s peeing, because then it’s way … Continue reading

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My Newest Little Buddy

I haven’t written in a while. Well I write pretty much every day, but I haven’t written anything for a while with the intent of having other people read it. This is of course only being written with a half … Continue reading

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