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“I’m On The Persuit Of Happiness And I Know Everything That Shine Ain’t Always Gonna Be Gold” (this post has nothing to do with Kid Cudi)

The other day me and my cousin were talking about many things and among them came up happiness and how to be happy or some other dumb crap like that. A couple days later he linked me to this article … Continue reading

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Will I Die Young Or Shall I Die Old?

I was reading some article on yahoo and it was by Dr. Maoshing Ni, I think he was Black (you see that’s supposed to be funny because both the name doesn’t sound like the typical name for a Black person … Continue reading

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This Could Come Off As Creepy I suppose

An hour seems like a suitable amount of time to lie in bed thinking myself into depression before I decide to get up, flip the calendar to October, stare at hundreds of King Penguins on Antarctica, and then sit down … Continue reading

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Writing, the religion of fools.

When I write, which is conveniently what I am doing right now, I don’t feel so sad. I will be honest in saying that there are still a few occasional times when even writing can not pull me out of … Continue reading

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