As I write this I have cat furs stuck in so many parts of my month. All I did was pet my cat for a few seconds and now the air circulating my room is a flutter with small grey hairs. But that’s of no importance (other than the small amount of annoyance it provides me while writing this).

            Friday was an abject failure in terms of accomplishing daily goals. I didn’t wake up early, in fact I woke up later than usual (granted it was because late night Thursday, technically early Friday morning, I was made aware of something pretty awesome that disallowed me to feel tired for longer than I wanted), so I didn’t exercise or write anything. I’m not beating myself up about going 0 for 3 on my daily goals though (because that would imply that I had some notion that I’d actually complete them).

            Although I got to hangout with my friends on Friday two of them were sick and didn’t show up, including the one coming down from Seattle who was the main reason we were meeting up on Friday. The night still consisted of video games and nonsense chatter and talking over movies, but it lacked a necessity that the friend we don’t get to see often would have given it. Not that every thing needs to be necessary, but at this point in my life I’m trying to cut down on acts that aren’t necessary towards bettering myself as a person (whatever the hell that means).

            I didn’t leave my friends house until after 7 in the morning, so my schedule is completely off now (I woke up past 5 pm today), but hopefully tomorrow I can do a little work towards getting back on a schedule that I feel would be best for me, and I guess that will be a segue into my goals for Sunday.

1) Wake up no later than noon – Goals are supposed to be definitive and not vague, so perhaps this is a shitty phrasing of a goal, but it’s whatevs (which is a shitty phrasing of “whatever”, which in and of itself is a shitty phrase). If I can do that then perhaps Monday I’ll get up early and then Tuesday I’ll be able to wake at the ideal time of 6:15.

2) Go to the library and get at least one book that maybe isn’t my ideal book to read but might make me smarter if I can force myself to read it – I’ve been reading too many easy books lately (not like Go Dog Go). Not that they’re bad, but I don’t know if they’re keeping me on my toes, whatever I mean by that. Maybe they just don’t make me think enough in terms of what good writing is? I used to want to learn a lot. Read about science and history or the classics like Moby Dick (which I didn’t finish) or Lolita (which weirded me out), but now I just want to read stuff I like, but I don’t know if that’s what’s better for me if I want to grow as a writer. I think (I definitely won’t claim to know) that whatever field a person is in it’s best to study its diversity. So that being said maybe I’ll delve into literature I haven’t yet encountered, like Romantic Novels with Fabio-esque men on the cover (I most certainly will not…though I have a suspicion I’d like them more than I might think).

3) Don’t get too angry and sad if the Seahawks lose – The last time The Seahawks were in the Conference Championship game they won. They then lost the Super Bowl to the Pittsburgh Referees…um, I mean Steelers, but I watched that game from a hospital bed right before I had my appendix taken out, so I didn’t have time to be too angry or sad. Tomorrow’s (today’s) game against San Francisco is the biggest game I will have watched since I became a Seahawks fan, arguably bigger than their Super Bowl loss (this is a failed argument because I’m making it against a Super Bowl game but I’ll still make it) because it’s against their rival, and a victory would mean playing against either Tom Brady or Payton Manning who are two of the best Quarterbacks of all time and therefore a big Super Bowl, and maybe most of all, this Seahawks team has an identity that could become legendary (depending on how long the team stays together and how well they play). The defense is loud. I don’t know exactly how I mean that, but I mean it in a way to say they’re more than just good. Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, it’s a secondary that if plays together at this level for a couple more years will go down as one of the best, if not the best, of all time, but they have to at least make the Super Bowl, otherwise they’ll be forgotten. The same goes for Russell Wilson. He has the feel of a Quarterback that could be one of the best of his generation, but if he loses tomorrow (today) then Colin Kaepernick immediately jumps him in that discussion. The Seahawks team that played in the Super Bowl had Matt Hasselbach, and he had a great Seahawk career, but he’s already been forgotten as a good Quarterback to most people. And nobody on that Defense has left a mark on the NFL (although Lofa Tatupu had a great start to his career), and even Shaun Alexander has less of a highlight reel than Marshawn Lynch already has. The player with the best legacy on that team was Walter Jones, but no one cares to remember offensive linemen. This current team has young players that could have hall of fame careers (Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson) and it will be devastating for me to see them lose when they could have got such a quick start on making memorable careers. Which is exactly why I shouldn’t be too depressed if they lose tomorrow. The team is still young, and most of these players haven’t reached their prime, and patience has never been easy for me but as long as most of these players are here next year playing at the same level they’ll be in this same position to do something for their legacy, and knowing that is exciting. (I didn’t mean to write all that much.)

Sweat Dreams.


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