So this is this (not wise to use ‘this’ twice in the first four words) thing I’m going to try out doing where every night (or probably just tonight and never again) I’m going to write down the things I want to do tomorrow and comment on whether or not I did them the next day. This is not a place where I will comment on how cute I find Rachel McAdams. I repeat, there will be no complimenting of Rachel McAdams magnificent adorableness here.

Daily Goals for 1/16/14

1) Wake up at 10 AM – This will be hard because it’s about 3 in the morning now and my eyelids struggle to fight off gravity with anything less than ten hours of sleep. But I’m hopeful because tomorrow is podcast day and I have some things I’d like to do in the morning before I head over to Christopher’s house, like,

2) Exercise – I have pretty low visual self esteem (you see things poorly?) no, well only when those things are me, but I mean the visual aesthetic of me is not so appealing, so I’d like to improve that by working out more regularly and possibly acquiring these things I’ve heard foretold in legends as muscles and body tone. Unfortunately if I wake up late tomorrow I’ll have to forgo an early workout to make sure I,

3) Pick and study a good topic for The Sarcast – The Sarcast is the aforementioned podcast I do with Christopher where we each pick a topic every week and discuss them, and most week’s my topic is lackluster because I wait until the last minute to choose it (often times I have a topic, study it, then decide it’s not a good one and pick a new topic just before it’s too late). I owe it to the fan(s) of the podcast to be better with my topic selection and presentation, so that’s somewhat of a big goal of mine this year.

4) Write, God damn it, write – I have a lot of things I want to write, but I can never muster up the energy to actually write them, partially because I’m drained after constantly reminding myself that I’m a horrible writer, but mostly because I really am just a horrible writer (part of writing is just writing, whether good or bad words must be written, so by that logic I’ve been a terrible writer recently). I need to just sit down and start writing. I do miss writing. I don’t have a girlfriend so it gave my fingers something to do. And speaking of my fingers,

5) Don’t masturbate multiple times – This shouldn’t be too hard to do as long as I don’t accidentally happen upon any pictures of Rachel McAdams and her spectacular…no, I said this wasn’t the place for that. Moving on. Some days I masturbate too much. Other days I don’t masturbate at all (by ‘other days’ you mean ‘leap days’, right?). Okay, so it’s rare that I don’t masturbate at all, but I’m not addicted, which I realize is something an addict would say, and I realize that because I’ve looked up “most commonly said things by addicts” so I could avoid saying them (yet you still said it), I know, odd, but I once spent a total of eight or nine days up in Seattle visiting a friend and then my Aunt and I didn’t masturbate once that entire time, or even felt like I needed or wanted to, and I don’t think an addict could do that, plus my Aunt is super hot…I’m kidding. No offense in case she’s reading this, although I’ve kind of painted myself in a corner where now either way she’ll feel uncomfortable. So this is a good place to end.

Sweet dreams…I mean for me, because I’m going to sleep (kind of pathetic for a person to wish their self sweet dreams) you the reader can have sweet dreams as well, in fact I hope you do.

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