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#51 Happy Birthday To Me (Feb 15) by Bright Eyes

This song is meaningful to me in that its title reminds me of that girl I used to love. I’m not entirely sure why it reminds me of her, but on a completely unrelated topic her birthday happens to be … Continue reading

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#62 Ode To Divorce by Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor sings so beautifully, so uniquely. I was watching football today and a commercial came on for some website, mymarriagematters.org, and its whole purpose is to get another website, ashleymadison.com, taken off the internet or something. I don’t think … Continue reading

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#99: Existentialism On Prom Night by Straylight Run

I almost took this song off the list because despite reading the entire Portable Nietzsche I still have no idea what Existentialism is – or how Friedrich Nietzsche ate sandwiches with that huge mustache in the way – and I … Continue reading

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