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#20 Dodging Broken Down Pieces Of Toilet Paper That Nearly Clogg The Fucking Toilet…oh, and satellites.

#20 Rigged And Ready by Northstar “Raccoon eyed and skin whiter then heaven’s best fighter. I’m thinking she needs me, well do you girl? I guess well see. And I know she’s perfect, a hostage in purple. We’ll tie up … Continue reading

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Construction Paper Would Save My Family Hundreds Of Dollars

I complain about this a lot, but I don’t care, so I hope you’re prepared to hear me complain about it some more. My family uses too God damn much toilet paper. My outrage was prompted once again when last … Continue reading

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Print This Out and Wipe Your Ass With It

A short while ago my mother, the resident toilet paper buyer of the household, wasn’t home for a few days because she was taking care of my grandpa over at his place. Also my step father, the second in command … Continue reading

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