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Getting Progress Part 3: Whistling Urine

There still hasn’t been any progress attained. In fact I may be making backwards progress. I’ve been a good deal lonely this week, which is not a feeling I care to have. I wish I could turn the loneliness into … Continue reading

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#84 The Truth Is, You Should Lie With Me by Say Anything

“I Caught you looking at my reflection. This is not the way we procreate. Give me something else than affection. Swollen suffering fantasy of hate.” The truth is I started this one out with lyrics because I didn’t know what … Continue reading

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The Diary Of Cleaning My Room part one (there will be no part two)

I decided to sprouse up my room a little and while doing so I thought it’d be nice to write. That way instead of just focusing all my energy on either cleaning my room or writing I can do both, … Continue reading

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Not a response to David…

I still have a few things to respond to concerning David’s comment, but because last night I spent all my time listening to podcasts while playing online chest – losing to that damn super computer over and over again – … Continue reading

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The Grammys are on tonight. I don’t care. I may or may not watch them. No one is performing that I care about and since I have the internet now I don’t need to record Beyonce’s performance and keep rewatching … Continue reading

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Dialogue Exercise for my writing class

“Ralph,” Billy called to Ralph. “What do you want?” Ralph said looking up from the textbook he was reading. “I need help with a writing assignment for my writing class.” “Sure,” Ralph said taking off his glasses and placing them … Continue reading

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Crappy Post of the Week

The other day I watched the movie the Watchmen. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to watching it, I just needed something to do to distract myself from the other things I was doing. You see I live my life one … Continue reading

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