We’ve Got Your Back (Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #2)

This song often gets lost in the waves from the sea of the many Los Campesinos! songs I love. It’s kind of nice though. I don’t seek it out like a Miserabilia, or We Are Beautiful, We Are Doom, or more recently As Lucerne/The Low, but when it pops on my ipod it’s always a nice surprise as the lyrics caress my synapses and a smile transforms my usually dour face – not exactly true, as even when I’m not in the best of moods I smile often, in thanks due to two adorable baby kitties (they’re five, stop calling them baby kitties), and finding humor in the morose.

“I’ve learnt more from toilet walls than I’ve learnt from these words of yours. The feelings are buried in the scriptures and fictions, it’s all in the words but I’m here for the pictures.”

These have to be some of my favorite lyrics ever – I use “have to be” and not “are” because I have hundreds upon hundreds of ‘favorite’ lyrics ever so who knows what my real favorites would be, but I can’t imagine these wouldn’t be among at least the top 100. If I ever get lectured by an Ex I won’t hesitate to throw at them – before you charge me with assault let me finish – the words, “I’ve learned more from toilet walls than I’ve learned from these words of yours.” Both because it’s so mordant – a word I recently learned meaning sharp, usually humor – and I’d have to cite my source and she might listen to the song which would be a good thing for her and her ears, so I wouldn’t feel too bad about saying it.

“I’m sweating off the cheat notes on my thighs. They were for your benefit, not mine.”

The female vocalist (sung by former member Aleksandra) are just as biting. Sung along with the aforementioned ‘toilet walls’ lyrics this makes for the best part of the song, not only because the lyrics are so great, but the overlapping of the male and female vocals has always been a favorite of mine. If nothing else skip to the 1:55 mark of the song and listen to that, and if you don’t love it I can’t give you your time back, but I will skip to the 1:55 mark of any song of your choosing and listen to a minute of it – No Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber, nothing against their music but…actually, yeah, I was insulting their music.


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