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#92: Things I’ll Never Say by Avril Lavigne (one thing I’ll never say is that I actually like this song)

The chances of me listening to this song more than ten times in the rest of my life are about the same as me seeing an old couple going down on each other in a park. This song made the … Continue reading

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#94: Punk Rock Princess by Something Corporate

This song isn’t absolutely fabulous and will be out of the top 100 very soon, but it’s still catchy and I enjoy it, but instead of writing anything about it I’m just going to attach what I wrote about butt … Continue reading

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I Knew My Subconscious Was Gay

The other day I had a vaguely homosexual dream (what a wonderful way to start off a blog). But it wasn’t just vaguely homosexual, it was vaguely homosexual and involving me. I’m sure some of you assumed if I was … Continue reading

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