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How Fucked Up Am I?

I started this one depressed day after my birthday and left it unfinished until tonight when for whatever reason I made a bizarre deal with myself saying that if I posted this I would allow myself to sleep. Best enjoyed … Continue reading

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I Knew My Subconscious Was Gay

The other day I had a vaguely homosexual dream (what a wonderful way to start off a blog). But it wasn’t just vaguely homosexual, it was vaguely homosexual and involving me. I’m sure some of you assumed if I was … Continue reading

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I don’t know what this is

If you think you know me you probably don’t unless you’re one of five people. I said five semi-randomly but I’m going to go ahead and name those five people. I think Chris knows me. Of all my friends in … Continue reading

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Chris won’t like this blog

Today I want to talk about all my sexual inadequacies, but that would take far too long so instead I’ll just talk about my phone and a few things associated with my phone. It was yesterday that I realized that … Continue reading

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