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Bedtime Thoughts 25 – I Can’t Sleep At Night

First of all before I even start writing and you even start reading I should inform you that this exact moment is a great example of how my life works. As you’ll come to find out shortly while reading this, … Continue reading

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#19 Sleep Be Not Consistent.

#19 Slowly, Through A Vector by Say Anything I haven’t been sleeping well lately. In the last couple of days leading up to this point I was up for 24 hours, slept for 15 hours, up for 20 hours, slept … Continue reading

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If I Were A Cat I’d Sleep Easier And Masturbate Slightly Less

There’s a huge advantage in sleeping that cats hold over humans that I don’t think gets talked about enough when taking into consideration how much fucking better it’d be to be a cat rather than a human. Everyone of course … Continue reading

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abcdefghijlmnopqrstuvwxyz, I missed a letter.

Lately I’ve been on a not so good schedule that isn’t agreeing with my school schedule.  Class starts at ten, and I haven’t been sleeping until around five or six, so that only gives me about three and a half … Continue reading

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