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Thing for Writing Class.

I didn’t know I love the rain. The dripping of a single drop down my nose gives me the only enjoyment I’ve ever gotten from having an above average sized nose because it allows me to not only get the … Continue reading

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Dialogue Exercise for my writing class

“Ralph,” Billy called to Ralph. “What do you want?” Ralph said looking up from the textbook he was reading. “I need help with a writing assignment for my writing class.” “Sure,” Ralph said taking off his glasses and placing them … Continue reading

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Whether by Fate, Coincidence, or Complete Fabrication

“Jesus H. Christ, that’s Jesus Christ,” I said to myself, staring into the toilet bowl full of puke which I had proudly produced all by myself. “Of all the toilets in all the homes in all the world, you had … Continue reading

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crappy dialogue exercise for my community college class

“I hate pissing at a urinal,” Tom said as he unzipped his pants. “Really,” Larry said while standing at the urinal next to Tom. “I find it spectacularly exciting compared to the mundane experience of peeing at home.” “They’re too … Continue reading

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