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#5 It’s What I’ve Become But It’s Not What I Will Stay

#5 Ballgame by Kevin Devine Hearing this song performed live in an old basement tavern in downtown Portland with only about 25 other people while only ten feet away from Kevin Devine strumming his guitar and singing his soul out … Continue reading

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This Week In Quentin

What if this post was just about things I put in my ass this week? And I don’t even talk about them. I just make a list. A penny, triple A battery, dildo, not so lucky rabbits foot, cats tail … Continue reading

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Please Tell Me Someone Gets the Irony in the Ending

I’m feeling like shit today. Not physically. Physically I just feel tired and super lazy, but that’s normal, especially for a Sunday. Mentally is where I’m not doing so great. My mental status isn’t normally terrific, but this past month … Continue reading

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