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TV Time with Twintin (it’s Quentin) Alliteration Sells (beware of spoilers for Suburgatory and Work It))

Both these shows can be found to watch some episodes of for free at Hulu.com, although one of the two, I won’t say which, should have all their copies of the show destroyed immediately Suburgatory After a big episode of … Continue reading

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Response to David #3 (not really though)

Caution: Writing may be severely depressing with a slight undertone of upliftedness (yes, that’s a word now) I woke up today completely apathetic to everything the world as to offer, which apparently isn’t that much (vintage ravings from a man … Continue reading

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Response to David part 2

Continued…. David: “That’s why when Quy keeps telling me that Quentin is depress I tell him that he’s just joking. Even though a little part of me thinks that is true, I was mostly lying to him every time he … Continue reading

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Response to David part 1

As of the last couple of years my “depression” has been a topic sometimes brought up by my friends but never fully talked about – I put depression in quotations because I’m not sure if it really is a depression … Continue reading

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