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Podcast Of The Week: Pete Holmes Makes It Weird

I was hesitant to listen to this podcast because despite listening to many podcasts hosted by comedians where they talk about comedians a lot, watching almost every episode of the former NBC sitcom Outsourced for some reason, and seeing what … Continue reading

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Bedtime Thoughts 25 – I Can’t Sleep At Night

First of all before I even start writing and you even start reading I should inform you that this exact moment is a great example of how my life works. As you’ll come to find out shortly while reading this, … Continue reading

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Bedtime Thoughts #12

Of course I was happier when I believed in God. Although I’m hesitant to have considered it true belief. I don’t know if I can truly believe in something without having really looked into it. I was told that God … Continue reading

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If Trees Could Think

I’d like to think that trees really can think. And I think these are their five most common thoughts. 5: Why is this kid peeing on me? 4: Holy mother of God someone’s cutting me down! 3: I want to … Continue reading

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