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#18 “Just To Disappoint You Know I Always Forget”

#18 Everything’s Too Cold…But You’re So Hot I didn’t anticipate this song to make it this high up the list because I don’t listen to it that often anymore. There was a point a few years ago where I used … Continue reading

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If I Were A Cat I’d Sleep Easier And Masturbate Slightly Less

There’s a huge advantage in sleeping that cats hold over humans that I don’t think gets talked about enough when taking into consideration how much fucking better it’d be to be a cat rather than a human. Everyone of course … Continue reading

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ranDUMBness #6 or something like that

While on the subject of penises (we weren’t on the subject of penises) then what the hell were we talking about? (Nothing, the blog just started). Oh, well what the hell should I talk about today? (It doesn’t matter, whatever … Continue reading

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On Pets and My Pets

This morning while laying in bed I heard my cat puke. This is not an unusual sound in my household. You see my cat Kilala – who my brother and sister apparently named after some fox-like character in some anime … Continue reading

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