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Not My Post Of The Week #2 More People Need To Dance In Their Underwear

It’s been about two months since I’ve last done this even though when I started it my intentions were to do it every week because I read some great blogs every week and not only do they bring up great … Continue reading

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Bedtime Thoughts #13

Should I date these? Sometimes I don’t post them in order. I haven’t posted Bedtimes Thoughts number 5, and I probably never will because I’m not very proud of it (and the other posts are pride worthy writing?) not necessarily, … Continue reading

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#63 Stay Away/Everything I Once Had by The Honorary Title

I’m so God damn tired – and yes, the God damn was necessarily – but I can’t figure out why. I wanted to take a nap, but I don’t want it to throw me off schedule because the previous two … Continue reading

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Bedtime Thoughts

How forgetful so fast I am. I already forgot one of the best qualities of owning this tiny little netbook upon which I am writing this right now at two thirty in the morning. It’s so small I can crawl … Continue reading

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#93: A Boston Peace by Say Anything

For a good five and a half weeks of my life I was completely obsessed with this song. That’s not unique at all to most of the songs on this list. In fact most of the songs towards the top … Continue reading

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I Almost Wrote About Writing, But Then I Guess I Didn’t Really

So I was thinking that I really want to write. Not this usual bullshit that I crap out in an hour, read over once, then post on the interweb for no one to see. But instead delve into a topic, … Continue reading

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The Diary Of Cleaning My Room part one (there will be no part two)

I decided to sprouse up my room a little and while doing so I thought it’d be nice to write. That way instead of just focusing all my energy on either cleaning my room or writing I can do both, … Continue reading

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