Podcast Of The Week: Pete Holmes Makes It Weird

I was hesitant to listen to this podcast because despite listening to many podcasts hosted by comedians where they talk about comedians a lot, watching almost every episode of the former NBC sitcom Outsourced for some reason, and seeing what adds up to countless months of that E-trade baby, I had no idea who Pete Holmes was, except I vaguely remembered that he might have been on an episode of the Sara Schaefer and Nikki Glaser hosted podcast You Had To Be There with Paul Scheer – the name of the podcast isn’t You Had To Be There with Paul Scheer, he was just also a guest on that episode which did in fact have Pete Holmes on it, however from now on if someone doesn’t get something I’m talking about and they were there I’m just going to say, “Oh, well you had to be there with Paul Scheer.”

In case you still don’t know who Pete Holmes is – Standup comedian, writer on the former network sitcom Outsourced, and voice of the E-trade baby who is slightly less creepy than the Ally McBeal dancing baby – Pete Holmes is the host of the You Made It Weird podcast on the Nerdist Network – which with other podcasts like Making It with Riki Lindhome, The Todd Glass Show, Nerdist Writer’s Panel and of course The Nerdist, is quickly making a run at becoming my favorite podcast network.

The concept of the podcast is that he has on a guest, often a comedian friend of his, and he discusses weird facts about them. In the first episode he talks to Kumail Nanjiani about being a young married comedian and their differing thoughts on wanting to have sex with crowd members after performances – which Kumail did before he met his wife. I’m more in the Pete Holmes corner with this. I don’t think I’d have much of a desire to have sex with a random crowd member after a show and also I’d be more worried that she’d want me to be a dancing monkey for her – make her laugh the whole time. And it wouldn’t do much for my self esteem when none of the laughs I got on stage were anywhere near as big as the laugh I got from her when I pull my pants down – although the mere fact that I assume that would happen kind of implies my self esteem can’t get much lower. Luckily I don’t have to worry about that situation, because I’m not a comedian, and also women don’t want to sleep with me. Oh lucky me.

Pete Holmes is as tall as Conan O'Brien, so he has to be funny...right?

In the second, third and fourth episode – and also the first – Pete Holmes makes it weird by discussing religion with T.J. Miller, Demetri Martin and Dave Coulier respectively – it’s also brought up with Kumail Nanjiani who was born in Pakistan – all of which are various forms of Atheists – including Kumail – which makes for good conversation because I don’t think Pete Holmes has made it super clear, but he was raised with religion and he seems to have a belief in God but not a super religious one. He asks them a good question for Atheists which is if your plane is going down do you pray for God to save you?

I think it’s in our nature to do whatever we can to survive, and when a plane is going down the only thing in our minds that can save us is the concept of God – Unless you’re Dave Coulier and flying your own plane in which case when he lands safely after I rough flight he doesn’t say thank God, but rather thank you Dave for being a good pilot. Here’s the thing, I don’t think anyone who is dying in a plane going down kind of situation is saying, “Please God, I know I’ve made my mistakes but I’m a good person, please forgive me and I promise to be better, just please I beg of you let me go to Heaven.” Instead they’re saying, “Please God, I know I’ve made my mistakes but I’m a good person, please forgive me and I promise to be better, just please I beg of you don’t let me die.” The difference is that people don’t want God, and they don’t want religion in the situation. They don’t want to die, so their natural reaction is to think of anything that could possibly save them. Even super religious people who have no doubt that there is a God and Heaven don’t want to die. They don’t live their lives like they’ll have eternal happiness once they die. They don’t donate all their money and possessions to those less fortunate and live attheir bare minimum knowing they’ll be rewarded with eternal happiness. They live like most of the rest of us, like this time is supposed to be enjoyed, and special, and they want to be happy now because later isn’t a given.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed every episode of You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, especially the fifth episode with the very funny and beautiful – and once had a one night stand with a real cowboy – Chelsea Peretti, and the third episode with Demetri Martin which is filled with an hour and a half of interesting and funny conversation. So if you like podcasts, or comedy, or just interesting conversation that can be applied to the way you live your life then give this podcast a listen. If you’re unfamiliar with podcasts or Pete Holmes I think the Dave Coulier episode would be a good starting point.

Click here to go to the You Made It Weird podcast page or you can get it through itunes


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9 Responses to Podcast Of The Week: Pete Holmes Makes It Weird

  1. Becoming Bitter says:

    Never heard of him or his podcast. I’ll have to go check that out. I could use a laugh or two right about now.

    • Danniel says:

      It’s not super great for laughs. More interesting than funny. I mean it is really funny, especially to me, but I don’t think its number one aim is to make people laugh. It’s more about conversation.

      • Becoming Bitter says:

        Oh and about the Rebecca thing. I never bullied her through the internet or in person. Do you want to know something truly wrong and messed up? Being made fun of because you’re a nerd and you don’t dress like a slut. Being made fun of because of your religion and race. Having the principles you hold dear mocked for all the world to see. Being accused of things based on what a group of people did. Having your loved ones discriminated. Having your friends harassed while teachers looked on. I should have just put all this on my blog, but I’m really upset right now. Something terrible happened again and I’m watching the kids.

        • Danniel says:

          For some reason the Rebecca Black thing just hits me the wrong way. I agree with some of that more than other parts of it. For example I think religion can and should be made fun of some times. There are some very bad parts of religion, such as religions that say sex sex marriages are wrong. That should be made fun of. However the people who are connected to that religion shouldn’t be made fun of…unless they’re horrible people, but usually that as less to do with the religion and more with who they are as a person. How this fits in to Rebecca Black. I don’t really mind people making fun of her song, although at this point it’s become very trite, but people shouldn’t be making fun of her. I don’t think you were making fun of her. You alluded to her having a train wreck sounding voice, but that’s part of the song as a whole, so I can’t really complain about that.

          I think I know you well enough to know you wouldn’t try to hurt someone who didn’t deserve it. And I’m sorry with whatever you and your family is going through and I hope things get better and I’m here if you want to talk about it.

          • Becoming Bitter says:

            The rest of my family are in the hospital right now. A close relative of mine is injured. No one is picking up the phone and it’s driving me crazy. Why… do bad things happen to people who have already had bad things happen to them? Is once not enough? This girl was another relative who I was helping to heal over the tragedy that happened in our family a while back. All that effort – I feel like it went to waste today. I cried when she told me a month ago that I make her laugh when she’s alone. She thinks about my me and my jokes and she laughs. That simple confession from her made me cry because instead of remembering things that hurt her, she remembers me. The worst part is that she is in pain right now and I can’t be there for her. I hate this… I hate all of this. Life isn’t fair Danniel. Life isn’t fair.

            • Danniel says:

              Yep, life isn’t very fair, but you still have to try, and you still have to keep your head up, and you still have to believe that things can get better, because if you don’t try things will just get worse. Yes, things can go terrible even when you’re trying really hard. But if you don’t try to make things better at all things won’t go better. You have no choice but to keep trying to make the people you love happy, and to try do things to make yourself happy. All your effort wasn’t for waste. You said it yourself, you made her laugh, you made her life a lot better in those moments, and yes something bad just happened to her, but it doesn’t take away all those happy moments that you gave her, and I’m betting you’ll still get to give her a lot more happy moments that both you and her will cherish.

              • Becoming Bitter says:

                I finally got a call! She’s safe and so is everyone else who was with her. I’m trying Danniel. I don’t really care about my own happiness, but hers I care about a lot. My mom told me she was in shock earlier and that the doctors told her to rest. I hope I can bring her back to the place we were before. Thanks for listening. You’re right about things getting worse if we don’t try to make them better. As long as I can make her happy, I’m always willing to try. I feel so relieved.

  2. Becoming Bitter says:

    You’ve been mentioned in my new post titled “Thank You!”

    Check it out.

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