I Drank Three Cups of Tea Today

I was walking to my friend Christopher’s house to go do the podcast and there was this girl walking a little ways in front of me. When she got to the point where she either had to turn left or right because if she kept going straight she’d walk into the street and likely get hit by a car – there was probably a better way of saying that but I couldn’t think of it – she looked left, then started running right. Knowing the area I could only surmise that she had saw the bus coming and was trying to get to the bus stop before it got there….or a horror movie killer was approaching.

A few or more seconds later I was now where she was when she started running. I looked to the left and didn’t see a horror movie killer, which was relieving because I was in no mood to run – or get killed. I did see a bus, but it wasn’t entirely what I suspected. Above the windshield of the bus where it normally says the bus number and what street the bus runs down it instead said, “Garage Center,” meaning it was going to the garage center, and wasn’t picking up pedestrians.

As the bus drove pass me it approached the running girl and passed her exactly as she reached the bus stop and turned with a look of confusion and anger on her face aimed at the bus and I can only assume the Universe as well.

I was also mad at the Universe. Not for the same reasons she was. She thought the bus driver either didn’t see her or didn’t care and didn’t pick her up. She never knew the bus wasn’t picking people up. I don’t believe the Universe tries to do good or bad. I’m mad at the Universe because it doesn’t do good, but it’s not like it has a choice. I just wish the girl would have turned sooner so she would have seen that the bus was going to the garage center. But instead she had to assume that in that moment the Universe was working against her and made the bus not stop for her. Although who knows, maybe even if she had turned a second earlier and saw that it was going to the garage center she would have thought, “Of course with my luck the bus would come but it wouldn’t be picking people up.”

This happened like two weeks ago. Why am I still thinking about it?



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