#1 Miserabilia by Los Campesinos


It was pretty surprising to see this song end up at number one. I’ve known it was going to be number one for a while now, but originally when I first decided to compose my favorite songs list I was more curious about whether this song or We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed would be my favorite Los Campesinos song, but I didn’t think either of them had a shot of being number one – Miserabilia and We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed are tracks 2 and 3 on the We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed album so it’s safe to say it’s the best juxtaposed song duo on any album ever.

I guess it kind of makes sense this song would be number one, since I am in fact a miserable person. I’m not that miserable. I mean I am, but I also have a lot of happiness in my life. For example, on episode 9 season 1 of Party Down (a great comedy show) one of the characters tells Adam Scott’s character that it’s really good to smile 50 times a day. Upon hearing that for the first time I thought, “Only 50 times? I smile way more than that in a day.” Shortly after another character says he thought it was 90 times a day, to which the other character says “No, that would make you go insane,” and then it made sense that I thought 50 was low.

So that’s not really an example of me having a lot of happiness in my life, but watching Party Down does make me happy, and I smile and laugh a lot everyday.

I flip flop a lot with my emotions, and am able to laugh when I’m feeling depressed, often times I’m laughing at my depression, because I realize how silly it is that I’m depressed when I have things so well off. Not that my life is great, but that I’m in a position where my life could have been great. But I fucked shit up, entirely of my own fault, but I also realize that I’m still in a great position to have a nice (or rather decent) life, so I guess that’s why it’s easy to laugh at my loserness. Twenty years from now it probably won’t be so funny. Not that it’s funny now.

I don’t really have much to say anymore it turns out. These are some of my favorite lyrics ever though,

“I have broken down into the naked breasts of a newly ex (no dignity), I can only guess that she thinks about it when she touches herself.”

This is a link to a list of all 101 songs on my list


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