Thoughts On Survivor – One World Episode 2

Well looks like I was wrong about Colton, he’s probably not going to turn into a bitch, which is good, however he’s becoming very whiny and sad, but in his defense the girls haven’t made any smart moves this season, and pushing away Colton, especially when the girls numbers are already starting to dwindle, is another unsmart move (is unsmart a word?) being an unsmart person I wouldn’t know. Sure Colton can be annoying, and from their perspective there’s a very small, almost nonexistent, chance that he’s playing the women and feeding information to the guys, but in a game about numbers where you need people on your side in order to vote out your competition, it’s not smart to push Colton back towards the men’s side. If for some impossible reason the merge ended up five girls and five boys and one of the boys was Colton the girls could use him to make it to the final six and then vote him out, but by pushing him back to the men he might just start his own alliance now, which the beginnings of has shown.

The preview from last week of him showing the idol to the men at the camp fire turned out to be him showing it to Jonas, Troyzan, and Leif, with the expectation that they can pull in Tarzan and then vote out the good looking men and Bill. I’m hoping that happens, but I don’t necessarily trust Colton’s ability to control his emotions, so at some point he could do something to make his alliance think twice about him.

I don’t know why the hidden idol is so powerful in this game. People seem so scared of it and often the person with the idol ends up not needing to use it at all because just people knowing they have it gives them power. In the episode Jonas, who as I see more of I like less, said that Colton went from being the first one out in the tribe to now calling the shots. I think in this situation it holds true because Jonas, Leif and Troyzan probably realize that the three hunks and Bill are running the show, so after Colton they’d be on the way out, so really idol or not it’s in their benefit to work together.

I didn’t like that the reward challenge was done without Jeff Probst. For one he’s probably making a pretty penny hosting this show in its 24th successful season, so I want him earning every cent of his paycheck. I get the appeal of them having to judge their self during the challenge, but God forbid it be a photo finish and they have to argue over who really won, I would kill myself, which is what the show hopes happens. Not necessarily me killing myself, because then they lose a loyal viewer, but that it’s too close to call and they get in a big argument and have to settle it their self somehow. I’m not interested in that. It’s only the second season and I’m already sick of them arguing.

Bad teamwork

The Immunity challenge was embarrassing for the ladies. Kat appears to be pretty dumb, I don’t think as dumb as they made her out to be. I think in her head she was playing fair, and thought that in a situation where two people are touching the person trying to cross at once all three members committed a penalty therefore all three members must go in the water. A little more dumb the second time, but I think that was just her instincts kicking in. Granted there have been a lot of moments she’s said something dumb or not understood pretty simple things, but I think the challenge made her look a little more dumb than she really is. Don’t get me wrong, she looked really dumb, but that’s still just a little more dumb than she really is. I’m kidding…although maybe not. I wasn’t a fan of Nina continuingly calling her a dumb blonde, like four times in a row. It made me get the feeling she was less mad about her being dumb and screwing up the challenge and more mad that she was a semi attractive young blonde.

That being said I was glad Nina got voted off, especially since last week I changed my overall pick to win in The Tribe’s Survivor podcast pool Kat, so this would have been two weeks in a row that my overall pick got voted off, which I wouldn’t have minded because there’s no way in hell Kat can win unless she makes it to the end with one or two unlikable people, because I don’t think Kat can make a good argument for why she should win at the final tribal, so I wouldn’t have minded changing my overall pick, which I was thinking about but I don’t know who I would change it to. Probably Leif just because I’m pretty sure he’s going to make it far, but other than that I can’t see anyone who is in a good position to make it far.

I thought it was interesting how at tribal all the girls admitted to getting into a bad alliance, but then also kept the person in their alliance who lost the challenge for them, a challenge I think Survivor designed with the women having an advantage in mind, because it was about needing to maneuver across a small beam and the women are a lot smaller than the men and should have more room to work with, but they just couldn’t figure out the spacing. But them admitting they may have rushed an alliance gives hope to Monica and Christina who were on the outs, but now could somehow get Kat out before them.

Next episode I don’t know if the four in the Colton alliance talk to Tarzan about joining them, but if they do I don’t think Tarzan will go for it because I get the feeling he wants the tribe as strong as possible. For the women I see them continuing to lose. They seem pretty pathetic, which sucks because I’m rooting for them, mostly because they have boobies, but also because I hate the three super buff hotties on the men’s tribe. Plus I always have a stronger connection to the tribe that loses the most towards the beginning of the show, partly because I like rooting for the underdog, but also because the losing tribe gets a lot more airtime due to all the strategizing on who to vote out and tribal council. I think Christina gets voted out. I think Alicia pushes for it and even though others make a good argument for voting out Kat the original five in the alliance are still going to feel weird about breaking it and the unknown of what comes after.

Good, and sweet, teamwork


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