Podcasts! Get Your Podcasts! part 2

I’ve known of Graham Elwood for a little while now because I’ve been listening to the Doug Loves Movies podcast for a while and Graham Elwood has been a frequent guest on that. Consequently I’ve known about the Comedy Film Nerds podcast for a while but for some reason I never tried listening to it. Not because I had anything against Graham Elwood or Chris Mancini (the co-host of the podcast) but I think because I don’t really love movies so hearing people talk about them probably wouldn’t be that interesting. Of course there’s a few things wrong with that because I like Doug Loves Movies, and even though it often isn’t very focused they do a good amount of talking about movies I haven’t seen and it’s still interesting and usually major spoiler free so sometimes it makes me wanna see a movie, so in hindsight I should have listened to the Comedy Film Nerds podcasts earlier than now.

Finally I had gotten enough of Graham Elwood with his appearances on Doug Loves Moives, the Nerdist Podcast and an old episode of the Pop My Culture podcast I just listened to that I decided to give the Comedy Film Nerds podcast a chance, and as luck would have it a familiar face from one of my favorite podcasts (Professor Blastoff) was on, David Huntsberger.

In the episode the three discussed the lastest Steven Soderbergh movie Haywire, which I was interested in because I’m very attracted to the star, mix martial artist, Gina Carano. I can’t decide if I would or wouldn’t like to date her. She’s my favorite kind of beautiful, and by that I mean very sexy but also very cute. So she has that going for her. I know quite possibly nothing about her personality, but she has a nice rack so that doesn’t matter – I’m kidding – but the thing that worries me most is that she could kick my ass, which isn’t saying much because many women could kick my ass, it’s just a matter of if I could out run them before they connect the first – and quite possibly fatal – blow, but Gina Carano could kick my ass with both hands tried behind her back, both her legs tied up, blind folded – and I know a lot of you are getting turned on, but let me finish – and just recovering from a hysterectomy – Hey, I mentioned the word blow and didn’t make a blow job joke, I’m proud of myself (yeah, but then a bondage joke was made, so that cancels it out). It’d be a little weird dating a girl who could easily kick my butt, not that I’d mind that much considering I’m not one for traditional partnership arrangements, meaning I would in no way mind doing the dishes, laundry and being a stay at home dad.

Later they talk about the Oscar Nominations, of which I can’t give any insight to. Okay, actually here’s all I know about each movie,

The Artist – No thanks, I’m a big fan of sound and especially color you racist pigs…

The Descendants – I wanted to see this even before I found out one of the guys (Jim Rash) who co-wrote the adapted screenplay plays Dean Pelton on the (not so) hit show Community.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close – I had to watch this trailer so many times – helping my mother with her bizarre job of auditing movie theater thingies – that at one point I said, “you know what, I actually kind of like this U2 song,” and for that I will forever hate this movie.

The Help – The easy joke to make would be about how the black maids needed help from a white woman so the movie appeared somewhat racist…(and?) and that’s it.

Hugo – I kept waiting for that station inspector to pull his balls out and wipe them on that kids face – the joke being he was played by the same guy who played Borat (does Borat wipe his nuts on people?) I don’t know, I haven’t seen Borat or Hugo).

Midnight In Paris – I really wanted to see this because I have a fondness for Owen Wilson because I think we have similar noses, but mine is bigger.

Moneyball – I really wanted to see this because I have a fondness for Brad Pitt because I think we have similar penises…but mine isn’t bigger and his gets used a hell of a lot more – in the Comedy Film Nerds podcast they talk about how good of an actor Brad Pitt really is, even though I think at this point most people wouldn’t consider him one of the better actors, same with Tom Cruise in my humble opinion.

The Tree of Life – I think if I saw this I’d most likely be in the Graham Elwood camp of not giving a shit.

War Horse – At the beginning of Black Beauty there was a shot of a spider on a web with morning dew on it and I hated spiders so since then I’ve been scared away from horse movies…excluding porn…I’m kidding. Bestiality scares me. Like seriously, I’ll check out a lot of fucked up things just to see what the deal is, but I don’t even want to go near any bestiality sites.

So try out the Comedy Film Nerds podcast if you’re into movies and comedy or neither and maybe somehow the two together will finally make them click for you. Also you can buy Graham Elwoods documentary Laffghanistan about him doing comedy for the troops (which he’s done a lot of) and on their site you can pay whatever you want for it, so if you like comedy or the troops or are interested in how things would go about with a comedian going over there to do comedy for the troops check it out.

Link for the Comedy Film Nerds

Katie Aselton and two guys who surprisingly aren't staring and drooling at how hot she is.

On the most recent episode of Making It with the Amazingly Funny and Cute Riki Lindhome – I may have added the amazingly funny and cute part myself, but it’s still very try – she has on Katie Aselton, a triple threat actress/director/writer, who can be seen on The League – which I recently decided is one of the funniest shows on television – and in the movies The Freebie, The Puffy Chair and later this year Black Rock, which also stars Kate Bosworth and Lake Bell and was written by indie cred king Mark Duplass (who is married to Katie). They talk about her trying to make it in Hollywood, so if you’re interested in that process from an actor and directors perspective give it a listen.

Link to Making It With (the amazingly funny and cute) Riki Lindhome, Katie Aselton ep


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