Podcasts To Listen To Part 2 (not really part 2)

What The Fuck with Marc Maron is one of those podcasts I really look forward to listening to when someone interesting to me is on the podcast. It’s still good even if it’s someone I don’t much care for or someone I haven’t heard of, but if it’s someone like a Donald Glover, Conan O’Brien, Demetri Martin or in this case Russell Brand it immediately jumps up towards the front of my podcast queue, which isn’t the same as it works with Netflix but rather just a fictional list I pretend to keep in my head.

I don’t know how I feel about Russell Brand. Well I guess I kind of do. I don’t like him as an actor, or at least as a leading actor, but to be fair I don’t think I’ve sat through any of his movies to completion. When I first saw him as a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno a few years ago I really enjoyed him, but as I saw more and more of him I liked him less and less, but I always remained interested in him as a person. The fact that he married Katy Perry, who I’m bizarrely very attracted to – I mean she is attractive but I don’t think she’s as hot as she seems to be in my head – only makes me dislike him more, but that’s just a jealousy thing, but not because I want to marry her. I don’t want to marry her, I’d just like to have a go at her. Well not really. Well kind of really. But if I were to hypothetically have sex with her I’d like to hypothetically do it with her not being married, and lucky for my hypothetical her and Russell Brand are getting a divorce, although I’d rather they have a successful and happy marriage together than allow my hypothetical to become a possibility – Here’s how attracted to her I am, there’s only one super model that I’m more attracted to than I am to her, albeit I’m not very attracted to super models, but a lot of people seem to be (the chick is Marisa Miller by the way).

The podcast got into his upbringing and dealing with drugs and sex and food and other of his demons. Listening to this reminded me of why I liked Russell Brand when I first heard him. He sounded very smart and articulate and was kooky and funny and fast paced and it felt like he was putting on a performance, but it didn’t seem like he was (does that make sense?) Like while listening to it I had the enjoyment of watching a crafted performance, but it didn’t feel like he was intending it that way and went into it thinking, “I need to come off witty and smart so people will like it.” It really did feel like he was being himself, and it was very entertaining, so if you like interesting podcasts, or hearing about people’s problems with drugs, or comedians or like Russell Brand or hate Russell Brand I think this would be a nice podcast to listen to.

Link to What The Fuck With Marc Maron – Russell Brand Interview

The perfect picture to encapsulate her total sexiness...and perfectly segues into the next podcast episode

Another more recent very entertaining episode of the Marc Maron podcast was this past weeks episode where, spoiler alert, the host of possibly the funniest podcast there is and very funny stand up comedian Todd Glass came out of the closet (can someone announcing their gay be spoiled?).

He talked about how he felt guilty holding this secret in for so long. He had told some of his really close friends but it wasn’t known in the comedy community. It’s gotta be extremely hard for anyone to tell people their gay, but I imagine it’s gotta be some extra kind of at least weirdness to do it in the comedy community where faggot and gay are often used pejoratively and being gay could possibly hurt a career where it seems the majority of gay comics go the stereotypical route. And this isn’t a Lance Bass or Clay Aiken situation where America collectively lets out a gasp followed by a sarcastic, “Well there weren’t a million signs that would ever have given that away.” And in Lance Bass’s case his career was pretty much done and being gay I’m betting helped him get on Dancing With The Stars – not because of the stereotypical gay themes the show has going for it, but because coming out on the cover of a magazine put in back in the publics eye – and in the case of Clay Aiken the type of music he was making wasn’t necessarily appealing to die-hard sports fans and frat boys, so I’m assuming most of his crowd, minus a select few really old ladies, didn’t mind that he was gay. That’s not to take away from how hard of a thing it was for them to do, just comparing, not that it needs to be compared, that in Todd Glass’s case I’m assuming no one who wasn’t close with him would really see it coming, except for his now stereotypical love of setting the right room décor, but this wasn’t Larry The Cable Guy or Dane Cook coming out, so I’m betting almost all of Todd Glass’s audience doesn’t mind at all that he’s gay, so this is all moot.

Todd Glass

Anyway, it’s nice that he finally felt comfortable enough to at least not feel too overwhelmed to admit he’s gay, and I say comfortable enough because I imagine it’s near impossible to ever feel completely comfortable in that kind of situation. I’m not a person who says every gay person should come out of the closet as soon as possible, I think it depends on each individuals situation, but I can’t wait until we live in a world where every person grows up with the comfort of knowing they can tell their love ones they’re gay whenever they want.

 Link to What The Fuck with Marc Maron – Todd Glass interview

Other noteworthy podcasts of the past week or two were The Adam Carolla Show with Donald Faison from Scrubs where they talked about Star Wars vs. Star Trek, strip clubs, clueless, Donald’s kids, much more, and Donald wasn’t afraid to laugh, which is actually really nice in a podcast guest. Also Jim Norton was on The Adam Carolla Show this past Friday where Adam ranted about Opie from Opie and Anthony ranting about Adam Carolla being a dick when Adam Carolla claims he’s not seeing things the way they really were, and also they get into Jim’s perverted sexual ways, and this wouldn’t be a good episode to listen to if you don’t like hearing a guy talk about how he likes women to pee on him and to masturbate to married couples he found on craigslist having sex in front of him.

Donal Faison link —- Jim Norton link

Also The Todd Glass Show had Anthony Jeselnik and Jonah Ray where they did very funny bits, none of which I can really remember off the top of my head except the one about food, but Jeselnik and Ray were their usual funny selves and so was Todd. And the episode before that had Chelsea Peretti who is very pretty and even funnier and did a spot on home shopping network bit.

Link to Jeselnik and Ray episode —– Link to Peretti episode

And if you’re interested in hearing me and my friend Christopher on our podcast we talked about Lana Del Rey not sucking on SNL, although with those nice big lips I’ve got something for her to suck on 😉 and by that I mean a bunch of lollipops – I went on The Price Is Right two years ago and won a lifetime supply of lollipops and when they say lifetime supply they don’t mean call up the lollipop company and they’ll send you lollipops whenever you want, they mean they dump 4 tons of lollipops on your front lawn and now I gotta get rid of these things and I’m assuming with her big lips she can help speed the process up (none of that is true) although if that hypothetical situation were true I bet her lips would speed up the process – and also we talk about a cussing child on Modern Family, some football, and we have a somewhat serious discussion about Christopher starting to have doubts in his comic abilities.

Closer To Clarity link


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