Teletubbies…I mean vision, not tubbies.

Napoleon Dynamite (animated series Sundays on Fox)

Granted – yes, I’m starting off with the word granted – I haven’t seen Napoleon Dynamite in very many years, and even when I did see it I wasn’t one of the many people who fell in love with the quirky comedy, so before I even say anything about this show you should know that it probably isn’t aimed towards me, although I get the impression that it isn’t aimed towards the die hard fans of the indie classic either, I think it’s some kind of weird mixer of Napoleon Dynamite meets the new era of The Simpsons meets King of the Hill meets numerous failed animated shows.

This seems like it’s just going to be a quirky show, like most animated comedies, especially on Fox. It’s not going to push the boundaries like Family Guy did, and it’s never going to be as funny as The Simpsons once was, but to be fair most comedies will never reach that level of The Simpsons seasons 4 through 8 for even an episode, and it probably won’t be able to stay as fresh as King of the Hill was able to, although many people of my generation did not seem to like that show, so I’m thinking Napoleon Dynamite will probably not last long. My prediction is just one season and then it’s canceled because I don’t think the Napoleon Dynamite fans will like it, and I don’t think people who didn’t like Napoleon Dynamite will even want to give it a chance.

It had some giggle parts, nothing I can particularly remember, but it wasn’t a show I’d call funny and I wouldn’t tell you to even give it a chance. Bob’s Burger’s was a lot funnier.


Modern Family

I haven’t been keeping up with this show terribly well since Survivor is on break so I haven’t been watching Survivor at 8 and then flipping to ABC at nine to watch a funny show in Modern Family and then an even funnier show in Happy Endings, which when it first premiered last year I tweeted that it would become the new bad show that I would watch every week, that didn’t hold true because it ended up being a genuinely good show, even though it’s a straight comedy and I have no emotional holds to any character, which I’m about to cite as one of the reasons I don’t love Modern Family as much as I used to, but unlike Community Happy Endings never really posed as a show that was trying to invest you emotionally in the characters, well maybe a little bit but it abandoned that quickly and is now a quirky comedy, much like Community which I think took a lot longer to just accept itself as a straight comedy – by the way, with In The Middle at 8, a show I don’t much care about but is very watchable and many people seem to enjoy, and Suburgatory at 8:30, which I’ll talk about in a moment, followed by the aforementioned Modern Family and Happy Endings, I think Wednesday night on ABC is the new number 1 comedy night, I mean in terms of good shows, it used to be NBC on Thursdays with Community, Parks and Recreations, The Office and sometimes 30 Rock and sometimes something much crappier, but only Parks and Recreations is great in that lineup, considering 30 Rock shifts times and usually doesn’t come on til January, so I dub ABC Wendesdays the best comedy night, but of course CBS Monday is the highest rated with shows like Two and a Half Men, Two Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother and Mike and Molly, none of which I care for, granted I’ve seen very little of Mike and Molly and How I Met Your Mother is a very well written show but it rarely strikes my comedy bone.

About me not being emotionally invested in the Modern Family characters, I just don’t give a fuck for any of them. They have arguments and don’t get along and struggle to be a loving family every week, and every week at the end of the episode they learn to love each other despite their faults, which is completely fine, it’s just there’s no bigger picture I care for. None of the couples are going to break up and there’s really no real reason to care about any of the kids lives, it’s just a show about a family being funny, which is fine, except the show hasn’t been as funny and unique as it was in the first season – I’m not saying I don’t like the characters, I’m just don’t really feel for them.

They’re doing some things. The Mitchell and the other gay dad whose name I forget’s adopted baby Lily is growing up, so that presents more unique storylines for them to deal with, like the most recent episode which got a lot of controversy because the kid says fuck. Well the kid allegedly says fudge on set and then it’s bleeped and blurred out so the audience thinks the kid says fuck bringing up the story line of what to do when your kid says a curse word. It seemed pretty accurate. One parent was surprised and upset and the other was laughing about it. Oh, Cam is the other gay dad’s name, but you knew that.

Some group that hates free speech was upset about having this kid pretend to say a curse word on television. I complain about this all too much, but it’s all about the context. Faggot is obviously a bad word, while words like fuck, shit, cock are not bad unless used in a horrible context. In this situation the kid didn’t really say fuck, and while I hate that fuck has to be bleeped out because when we hear the f and the rest is bleeped out we of course know it’s fuck so bleeping it out is pointless if we know what’s being said, in the context of the story the two dads have to figure out how to deal with their kid cussing, and I think it was pretty realistic, so instead of pretending like everything is perfect and clean on TV like these assumedly religious assholes want – no offense open mined religious people – why don’t we portray how life really is and the creative part can be in the two dads seeing the situation different until they both ultimately realize it’s all a part of life and laugh over it, instead of doing what probably happens most in real life which is chastising the kid for cursing and scaring it with the threat of hell and then when it repeats the word because kids aren’t perfect the parents starts beating the kid. I think educating people through a comedy television show that laughing at situations like this is a lot better than acting like cursing is a huge deal and that people should be shamed for it.



Last time I talked about the show I talked about not minding that George and Dallas kissed because it was under mistletoe and Dallas just played it off as nothing, well apparently George isn’t as dumb as I thought he was because on the very next episode George confronted Dallas about it and accused her of only offering him a job so she could spend more time with him and by the end of the episode George realized – I believe wrongly – that she was just wanting him to build a space for her shop and not just be closer to him.

I do enjoy that the kiss was addressed, but not immediately and instead they waited an episode. Now we’re back to George kind of thinking Dallas likes him and Dallas liking him a lot but still having a husband so who knows what might happen, although on this last episode Jay Mohr, who plays Dallas’s husband, was seen by George in Atlantic City with a very pretty lady, we are to assume he’s having a fling with her, and probably many other lady’s, and also might accept a job offer that will keep him far away from Dallas and his daughter Dalia for quite some time, which of course will only make Dallas more lonely and sooner force her into the arms of George, although I don’t know how willing he’ll be, which is where I think the writers can really go crazy with this storyline. My prediction is that by the end of the season Dallas and Jay Mohr will break up but George will be with some other chick thus prolonging the will they won’t they.

As for Tessa, well I think she’s kind of a slut. She may not come off that way because she’s very intelligent and witty and not obsessed with her looks like almost every other person in Chatsworth, but let’s look at the evidence. George moved Tessa to the Suburb because he found condoms in her drawer. However she could have been in somewhat of a serious relationship with someone. Very early in the season she started making out a lot with the very muscular brother of her newest friend in the town. And now most recently she invited over Africa boy who she hasn’t known that long for what could very easily be implied as sex. I’m not saying she’s going to be doing porn anytime soon, although I wouldn’t be against that nor would it necessarily be a degrading thing for certain women – which reminds me that one of my bigger laughs from the recent episode was when Jay Mohr gave a pep talk to Chris Parnell’s character and then the two strippers decided to do personal growth things and one subtly said, “I’m going to confront my step-dad,” which I found very funny, mostly because it didn’t seem overplayed – but Tessa doesn’t seem like she’s making it very hard for attractive males to get close to her.

I actually don’t mind this character trait in Tessa. I’m not entirely sure why. Even though there’s nothing wrong with it, in most situations, sexually provocative women make me uncomfortable, while sex driven men just make me roll my eyes. No doubt this is due to my virginity and still having no idea how two people go about figuring out they both want to have sex with each other. But also I’m extremely jealous, a horrible trait, and the idea of a girl wanting to be with other guys than me, which won’t necessarily happen with whatever girl I’m with, and also being very sexually attracted to other guys, which will definitely happen and that’s just a part of life, just makes me feel bad, which I’ll have to get over if I’m going to live a healthy life. Obviously Tessa hooking up with these hot guys is going to make me a bit insecure when I finally hook up with her, but I think I don’t mind this character trait of hers because I finally realize these girls on TV are just characters and don’t really exist in the real world, especially the Kardashians.

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