Episode 13

I actually wanted to make this video a while ago. People saying they’ll call me and then not calling me has been very prevalent in my life, so when a girl I had gone through a lot with said she’d call me back and then didn’t and just stopped talking to me altogether again because she started dating some guy it inspired me to write what turned into the email I read at the beginning of the video. Originally it was going to be me having a conversation with Yoda, but I felt I had been doing Yoda too much and no one really cared for my interpretation of him, so I turned it into an email, then my computer turned off for updates without my consent – in my computer’s defense it did first ask me if I’d like to postpone the restarting, but I was too busy crying over old pictures of her to notice…not really – and when it came back on all but one and a half sentences of what I had written was deleted, so in true Quentin laziness fashion I said, ‘Fuck this,” and decided not to make a video about the situation.

By the way, I’m writing all this as an excuse to post the video and possibly get more people to see it because I do want people to see it, no matter how bad it may be I do feel like there’s some good in it, and hopefully if I keep doing it I can get better, especially with my acting. I notice a lot that I get so bored with acting and when I watch  it back I have no energy and it looks like I don’t give a shit, which I kind of don’t about acting. It’s fun, but not so much when it’s by myself. Also the repetition gets to me. Sometimes I’m saying the same thing over and over and over again so much that it just becomes me saying the words totally forgetting that I need to be aware of my facial expressions. Anyway,

I decided to bring this topic back again when a little over a week ago I finally summoned up the courage to call her – a different girl then the one who didn’t call me back previously – and I got through to her but we didn’t talk and she said she’d call me back but she didn’t call me back and she didn’t apologize or acknowledge it so it annoyed me, so I had to make a video about people not calling me back, since like as I mentioned in the video it date backs to high school with me where my friend would say he’d call me when he’s leaving for a party and then he wouldn’t call me and just go to the party by himself and never acknowledge that he didn’t call me.

Anyway any thoughts on the video or the subject, even negative, will at first make me hate you and want to rip your heart out, then make me want to drown myself in a bathtub full of Mike’s Hard Lemonade – I’m an alcohol pussy – and then make me realize you’re right and I should use the criticism to work harder on what I need to do better…but then I’ll still want you dead for being right…smiley face.


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