TV Time with Twintin (it’s Quentin) Alliteration Sells (beware of spoilers for Suburgatory and Work It))

Both these shows can be found to watch some episodes of for free at, although one of the two, I won’t say which, should have all their copies of the show destroyed immediately


George and Dallas...well Dallas and George's side face.

After a big episode of Suburgatory in which George and Dallas finally kissed – I say finally for some reason even though it’s only been nine episodes – I had to wait almost a month for the next new episode. I said “finally” but it felt too soon for me because once they do finally hook up, which I hope they do eventually but not too soon because once they do my emotional hook for the show might be no more. I like a little will they won’t they in a show. I think The Office did it well where Jim and Pam had Essentially two seasons (three seasons, but only 50 episodes) of will they won’t they tension and then got together and never looked back. They didn’t try to milk it like in Frasier where Niles didn’t get with Daphne until season 7 – a story I liked hearing on one of the Newsradio commentaries is when the writing team of Sam Johnson and Chris Marcil went to work for Frasier and in their first writers meeting the subject of finally getting Niles and Daphne together was brought up and the question of was it too soon to end the goose that lays the golden egg, meaning if they got them together they wouldn’t be able to go for the awkwardness of those two characters together in scenes, and Johnson and Marcil’s thoughts were that they might as well get them together because they’ve milked it enough and getting them together would bring up new situations with the two they could get comedy from. I also hate when the characters get together early and then break up and then are forced together when the show comes to an end, kind of like in Scrubs and even Friends where on the last episode Ross stopped Rachel from going to Paris, or went to Paris with her or whatever, and by then I had no longer cared at all about Ross and Rachel getting together, not that I ever really did because I was like seven when that show started.

This recent episode of Suburgatory, titled Driving Miss Dalia, is what I fear Suburgatory might be once Dallas and George get together. Oh, and this is where editing would come in handy but I hate doing that, I forgot to mention that I didn’t mind the kiss on the previous episode too much because it was under Mistletoe so Dallas played it off as if it was just because of the Mistletoe and not because she had feelings for George, so his dumb ass is still blind to it. This episode wasn’t that funny and wasn’t that interesting. For some reason I’m not interested in any of Tessa’s relationships with boys, except for maybe that black nerd whose name I can’t recall, but that’s only because I’ve always liked black people since I was young, so I want more of him in the show, not necessarily in a romantic way with her, but I do enjoy the comedy of him and Tessa’s other friend, Lisa, when they’re together, like in the episode where they thought Tessa’s body was being taken over by the spirit of the girl who lived in the house before she moved in.

I guess I enjoyed the nude fight seen in the sauna a little bit. It was funny to see Chris Parnel’s nude penis blurred out in the background while the fight was going on. Probably not as great as Viggo Mortensen’s nude fight seen in Eastern Promises, but I’m too scared to try and find that clip online and watch it.

It’s only been ten episodes and I’m already tired of the “look how rich and out of touch these tan white people are,” jokes. I’m hoping the writers will be able to get pass that and find other ways to create comedy in the show, which they have done, but it’s still centered around how weird the rich people are, which makes sense because that’s the comedy premise of the show, but shows should evolve, and I should cut this show some slack since it’s only been ten episodes. If they’re making jokes about how white everyone’s teeth are in season four I’ll stop cutting them slack though.

Work It

I know you're going to judge it harsly based on this picture, but if you watch the show you'll be surprised to find that it's actually a lot worse than it looks.

Unfortunately I’m not going to bash this show as much as everyone else appears to – after having written this and this now being the editing it turns out I may have bashed it just as much as everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, it truly is a horrible show, but lots of shows are made that are horrible every year, most of them don’t get picked up and put on TV, sometimes some do, this happens to be one of those cases. I like to imagine Ted Cohen and Andrew Reich (creators of Work It) – who by the way  worked on such failed shows you’ve probably never heard of as Three, interestingly starring James Van Der Beek and Chuck’s Zachary Levi, Romantically Challenged which starred Alyssa Milano and Kyle Bornheimer, who is one of those guys you know when you see because he’s starred in a few failed sitcoms most recently Perfect Couples and before that Worst Week, and speaking of Worst Week, that was also done by Ted Cohen and Andrew Reich and they also did, and this is amazingly interesting to me because when I was trying to think of the worst sitcoms I’ve seen I thought of this but couldn’t remember the name, Welcome to the Captain, which I wanted to watch because Jeffrey Tambor was in it and I loved him from Arrested Development, but this show was horrible so it’s very interesting to see that it was created by these two, but the only reason I bring any of this up is not to try and shit on Ted and Andrew’s careers, because honestly with only everything I just named they’d be more successful writers than most aspiring writers will ever be half as successful as, so congratulations to them, but I bring it up because they wrote on and produced on some seasons of Friends, and not like the last two seasons, but they wrote on the show from 1997 to 2004, and are credited with more written episodes of Friends than anyone but David Crane and Marta Kauffman, the creators of the show, so perhaps the Friends credentials are why they keep being allowed to create shows that are, I don’t want to say horrible but, that are absolutely horrible.

I imagine these two walking into the head of ABCs studio being like, “Alright, we don’t have any good ideas, we haven’t had a successful show since Friends, and that wasn’t even our idea, we were just there to make sure Joey said, “How you doin’” every couple of episodes” – again, not shitting on them, more successful than I’ll ever be – “but we’ll just go into this meeting, pitch this crappy show about how men need to cross dress because women are stealing all the jobs, and we’ll make a horrible pilot that won’t get picked up and no one will ever see and we’ll each make six figures and be on to our next shitty idea.” Three months later, “Holy shit, I can’t believe they’re going to air this show for all of America to see. People will finally realize we’re hacks. Oh well, at least we’ll make more money.”

In all honesty that’s just what I hope. I’d be way more in favor of them just trying to make a shitty product to make money than if they thought this show was really funny or saying something truthful about society and would have a positive impact on people.

I don’t know if the writers are intending to be sexist. I get the feeling they think they’re just being funny and not really trying to shit on women and think the show will have redeemable qualities because by pretending to be women and being around women they’ll learn more about how to treat a women, like when at the end of the episode he makes things better with his daughter by turning her cell phone back on so she can talk to boys again – I’d argue that’s not really sexist because girls, and boys, that age really want to talk to people of the opposite sex – and to make it up to his wife for not fulfilling her needs more he gets her a really nice purse and she’s all better – Okay, that’s a little, maybe a lot, more sexist, I know a lot of women do really like getting nice things and some women enjoy nice things more than a real connection with the man, or possibly rich lesbian, but in my experience most women, even very good looking women, want men to understand the problem and what they’re doing wrong, not just make it up to them with gifts.

Obviously just because they’re trying to be funny about it doesn’t mean it’s okay to make sexists jokes. I’m more offended that the jokes aren’t funny than that they’re sexist (and that says a lot, and not in a good way) probably, but when jokes can be what some find offensive but done in a funny way people don’t seem to mind as much. Modern Family is a smash hit, and for some reason no one seems to care that the two gay guys on the show – one of them gay in real life, the red head I believe – are the typical flamboyant gay, and much of the jokes being made with them are about how they aren’t manly, but it’s done in a funny and apparently not offensive way. This show would probably be less hated for its offensiveness if the women were the winner in the end, but they weren’t.

Early in the show one of the side characters who is clearly meant to just be a character for jokes talked about how women were going to take over society and make men sex slaves, but not the good kind of sex but instead sex slaves with “kissing and cuddly and” wait for it…wait for it…wait for the totally unique punch line…“listening.” Again, I’m more offended with the horrible and trite joke more than the sexist nature of it. That’s not to say that I wasn’t also offended by its sexism, I just get more easily offended by bad comedy, which is why I’m so offended of myself (well the sexism doesn’t help) well some believe porn is sexist and that actually distracts me pretty well – not really, I’m probably most sympathetic to the feminist cause when watching porn.

Oops, wrote about the wrong joke in relation to what I was talking of in the previous paragraph. After hours and hours of laughing followed by an applause break by the studio audience from the “listening” punch line he goes on to say that the women will make pride illegal. Jesus Fucking Christ, I don’t get offended by much (except apparently bad jokes, real civil rights activist this guy) I do my part, I watch lesbian and black pornography, but insinuating that women don’t have pride, or at least that men have an overwhelming amount of more pride than women, is pretty fucking offensive. But I have no problem with that being said in the show, but at no point do they try and disprove that by having one of the many women characters showcase a tremendous amount of pride. Wait, that one girl did say they couldn’t leave the club until she got laid, is that pride? (Not even close).

My biggest problem with this show is that I have no idea where it can go. Are these guys going to cross dress forever and really never be recognized? It is pretty bad that none of them can recognize them, but for all the people saying they’re calling women dumb because the women don’t realize they’re really men, in fairness to the creators in an earlier scene the main guy was dress in drag right in front of his friend who didn’t even recognize him, so I think it’s less about people being too dumb and more about them saying this guy is an amazing cross dresser. The show isn’t funny, they did barely anything to make the jokes and characters redeemable – and saying the purse thing was barely anything is far more generous than they deserve – and just avoid this show at all costs. It’s not even worth a “look at how horrible this show is,” laugh. It’s just sad, and pretty pathetic, and again, I hope they did it for the money and not because they thought they were creating something of actual worth.



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