This video was something I thought to do that was in the vein of the topic I had for this week’s episode – not that I necessarily want to have a topic for each episode – and that I could also do by myself and make the episode full of what I thought was enough content. I decided to put it in its own little video because I didn’t want the main episode to be longer than ten minutes because most people want their random videos in bite size chunks. I don’t know if the 11 minutes it would have been cut down to the over 7 minutes it now is makes that big of a difference, but it feels like it does. However I still don’t wanna make small two minute or three minutes videos that would be more likely to be clicked on because that’s not what I’m doing with this feels like, but every now and then I can see myself doing a little add on like this.

Also I was encouraged to make this its own thing because it felt considerably different. Unless you assume I change my voice whenever I have phone sex, which happened too few of times and too long ago for me to remember if I did, then I’m playing a character. On the show I’m not exactly playing myself, but I’m playing a very close version of myself, where this guy is very different from me, yet still has some parts that are very close to how I think, like when he talks about her talking about the big dicks too much.

I haven’t had any sexual experiences in person, assuming masturbation isn’t sexual, and the way I do it it’s definitely not, but I have had some sexual conversations both on the phone and on the internet and it’s very common for the girl to say, “I want your big hard dick inside me.” There’s one problem with that, I don’t have a big penis. Now in most, if not all (not all), situations the girl hasn’t seen my penis, so shouldn’t I be happy that she’s trying to make me feel good by calling it big? No, not at all.

For starters I don’t think she’s doing it for me. I’m almost convinced she’s doing it for herself, to paint the sexiest picture she can in her head while she pleases herself. This also makes me feel that girls really do like big penises. Not giant penises, but bigger than average penises. And even if she was doing it to make me feel better how is giving me a compliment about something that’s not true going to make me feel better? It’s like me saying I love her long blonde hair, big boobs and tight pussy but really she’s a small cross dressing Filipino boy – I once talked to a girl online, not sexually, who later informed me that she was really a gay Asian man, we still continued to talk after that, because that’s just the kind of person I am. Do compliments that aren’t true make people feel better? In my case they make me feel worse. If a girl tells me she wants my large penis then I start to feel self conscious and like my penis wouldn’t be good enough for her.

Can’t girls just say, “Your short limp dick turns me on so much,”? That way if the guy has a small penis he can be like, “Great, I finally found a girl who likes small penises.” And if the guy has a large penis he can say, “Actually I have a huge hard cock, babe,” and she’ll be like, “oh thank God, I hate small dicks, all women like big dicks and no woman could ever love a man with a small penis, big nose, small chin, and who is only 5’6”.” Okay, maybe all women don’t think that, and maybe I could use some therapy.


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