My Day

My day? How has my day been, you ask? Well I woke up at two o’clock in the morning. Sounds bad, right? Not really. I went to bed at sixish last night, so it was about eight hours of sleep. I wish I had slept more because I’m trying to get back on more decent of a schedule, so tonight I’m trying to stay up until at least 8, which at this point, 3:24 pm, is looking like it’s not going to happen. But hey, it’s entirely possible that something immensely interesting will strike my day and that endeavor will keep me up until four o’clock in the morning, which I’d be totally against because then I’d be off schedule again.

My mother, yes the same mother who always forgets, or just straight up neglects, to flush the toilet, I’m glad you remembered her, but hey I’m 24 and should be moved out by now so I shouldn’t complain, yet I still do, she gave me half a tuna sub sandwich from Subway, and it was absolutely disgusting, but her heart was in the right place so I shouldn’t complain, yet I am complaining. It’s not her fault and I’m not mad at her at all and had it not been hours and hours old it would have been halfway decent, except I’m getting sick of tuna subs, I’d much prefer the Italian sub, even though everything Italian makes me thing of hot Italian guys and how women like them so much and then I get jealous, but God damn is that Italian sub good, so it’s kind of worth it. The bread of the sub was kind of soggy from the tuna. The bread is usually the best part. Can I go to Subway and just order the bread?

I struggled with eating the soggy tuna sub while I listened to an episode of the podcast How Did This Get Made where they shit on bad movies most of the time, even though they claim to be celebrating bad movies. Sometimes, like in the case of Crank 2 or Fast Five, they really do celebrate how entertainingly bad the movie is, but most of the time they just talk about how irredeemably horrible the movie is. In the case of this episode with Doug Benson they talked about how horrible and slow the movie Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 was. They made it sound so bad, which is probably very accurate. I don’t generally like that podcast but I still listen to it sometimes if it’s a movie I’ve seen or a guest I like, in this case Doug Benson. Although I’m not a huge fan of the podcast I do enjoy Paul Scheer’s work a lot, and Jason Mantzoukas is by far the second best thing about the show The League, only behind Taco. I don’t know why I’m mentioning any of this, as if anyone who stumbles upon this cares. But I’m telling you about my day and that was part of my day, but mostly I’m just letting the words flow and every once in awhile commenting on how they’re flowing.

Later I made breakfast and texted with Robin and texted with Victoria and wished I was talking to Annie and hated myself for wishing I was talking with Annie and tried to work out while listening to the Adam Carolla podcast and took a shower and ate Oreos and liked the Oreos and was glad I tried to work out so that it could offset the Oreos and then I recorded a podcast and I don’t think it went that well since I had to do it by myself because Christopher was busy today, which I didn’t mind because sometimes I like doing the podcast by myself, but I felt out of sync with myself today and don’t think I found much clarity within myself, not that that’s necessarily what the podcast is about, except it kind of is. I like it to be funny, which it usually is when it’s with Christopher, but I also like to talk about the things going on inside me, which I do more when I do it alone and I think I analyze in a slightly different way when I’m doing the podcast because I know other people will listen…well not many other people, and I really only assume they will, but either way it gives me a slightly different perspective of myself, which is nice.

After that I did exactly nothing until I started writing this mostly out of boredom and feeling depressed. I don’t know how much of this I’ll continue to write, or what I’ll do with the rest of my day to try and keep me up. I’m feeling so lazy today and I don’t like it at all. Writing this feels nice though. I mean I don’t think it’s very good, it’s just a typical blog, and I say that not knowing what a typical blog is. It’s just my thoughts at this moment. It feels good to have my fingers moving. I wish they never stopped moving.


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