Yeppers Part 1 (there’s no part 2)

After an inability to sleep for more than an hour without being interrupted I woke up in the dark longing for a kiss, almost needing it. As I lightly kissed the air directly above my mattress I felt stupid, but also incredibly warm and comfortable, but that’s only because I slept with three shirts and a beanie on and had two cats around me. I didn’t know what I was doing. I said, “I love you.” There was no one here I meant it for…but I know who I meant it for.

I wrote something similar to that shortly after I woke up and realized my actions were as if someone I cared for was in bed with me. I didn’t actually write it down as I am writing this down, but I jotted it in my head, knowing I wanted to write it down, and tried to construct it in a meaningful way. I like to think my original draft, stored somewhere in my head, was a lot better than what I wrote up there. It was probably the haze the mind can be in after first awaking that made it seem better than it was. I like it. I like feeling that I’m writing something worthwhile. Even if I’m not I still like to feel like it every once in a while. It’s motivating. It may be false motivation, but it’s a lot more than I’ve had recently.

It’s the Eve of Christmas and I’m excited. Not for Christmas of course. But because most of the football games have been moved to today, so I will watch my Seattle Seahawks keep their playoff hopes alive by beating the San Francisco 49ers (*edit* turns out no), or watch my Seattle Seahawks lose their last hope by losing to the San Francisco 49ers (*edit* turns out yes), or perhaps the game will be a tie, or perhaps the field will implode like it does in the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises (*edit* would have been less painful than seeing the Seahawks lose the way they did). All of these are possibilities. I suppose not equal possibilities, but much like the reason I flunked out of community college I am too lazy to do the math.

I watched Sherlock Holmes 2 last night. I had many opportunities to over the past week but for some reason I didn’t, even though I kind of wanted to based off the trailer even after having not watched – and still no desire to watch – the first Sherlock Holmes. Robert Downey Jr. is a very good actor, and despite my hated of Jude Law – because he cheated on Sienna Miller who after seeing on a few talk shows I developed a pretty big and oddly sensible crush on – he was very enjoyable in this film, and I surprisingly spent a very little amount of time cussing his good looks and charming ways which he undoubtedly used to seduce Sienna Miller not only once, but twice including after he had cheated on her.

I will admit it’s a bit long.  I didn’t want to admit that, but gosh darn it you squeezed it out of me. It seems the trend with movies these days is to go long, which is kind of odd that the movie studios allow. Anyone who keeps an eye on the big movie studios knows they don’t have the audience’s best interest in mind. They just want to make a lot of money, and we have proof of this based on all the shitty sequels and remakes and occasionally a fresh piece of garbage that the studios put out. But I think the recent trend in the length of movies shows that maybe the money isn’t the thing they care about most, and really what they want most is just to do everything the audience won’t like.

Don’t get me wrong, there are movies I could enjoyably sit through for two and a half hours without thinking, “Really, did we need that scene? Because my bucket up popcorn is nothing but kernels, I’m sucking watered down soda from the bottom of my cup, and I have to take a tremendous piss, so can this thing end soon?” I’ve talked about recently how movies try to do too much nowadays, jam pack tons of action and unneeded storyline and plot twist into films and for reasons I can’t understand. It doesn’t benefit the movie studios because the longer the movie the more their budget, and not only that but the longer the film the less times it can be shown during the day. At the theater I was working at in Canby Sherlock Holmes only showed four times, while the hour and a half The Sitter played five times. And I know one argument someone might make is that the longer the movie the more the movie goer gets for their money. Well that’s all good if the movie is great, but if the movie is bad or the scenes are unnecessary than the movie goer is just paying less to have the movie waste more of their time.

I also watched Young Adult this weekend…that’s all I’ll say on that.


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