I Apologize To Any Women Who Was Repeatedly Called A Cunt As A Child

I don’t know what the deal with me and the word cunt is. I never feel bad saying it. I never feel bad calling a girl a cunt, and I never feel bad calling a guy a cunt. That’s probably because I never call a girl or a guy a cunt unless they either deserve it, or I’m joking. Actually I probably only do it if I’m joking. On a few occasions I think I’ve used it when I’ve really been mad and ranting about horrible women, none in my actual life, just women in the news who do terrible things, and even then I don’t say it because it means anything to me, but rather because I know for some reason it is really offensive to some people so I know saying it will get across how angry I must really be at the particular woman.

I don’t even know what cunt means. I mean I know it’s supposed to be very derogatory towards women, or can also refer to a female’s vagina, but what the hell is its historical context? To me nigger isn’t offensive because it means horrible or dumb or whatever bad thing followed by black person, because a person could just call a black person a horrible or dumb or whatever black person, and it wouldn’t be anywhere near offensive as if they called them a nigger. The reason nigger is so offensive is because it’s steeped in years and years of racist use. No offense to the word cunt, but growing up in school I’ve never heard people make fun of girls by calling them cunts, or even calling them cunts behind their backs. I have however seen black kids be called nigger – and I live in a very liberal city, Portland Oregon – and many times I’ve heard people call people niggers behind their back. Same goes for the word faggot, which I find more offensive than cunt but still nowhere near as offensive as nigger. I mean when people use it I don’t really care unless they’re directing it at a gay person to make them feel bad – nigger is the only word in history that I feel weird about even if it’s being used in a joking manner, which is very hard to do but some people have successfully done it.

Why am I writing any of this, especially when I’ve wrote on this subject a couple times in the past? I don’t really know. To kill time perhaps? But to me nigger is by far the most offensive word in history, granted that’s coming from a white boy who is part Mexican and lives in a very liberal city, so I haven’t been exposed to all cultures so perhaps somewhere in Indonesia there’s some kind of more offensive word. Faggot is next because I have known a lot of people who hate gay people and use that word very hatefully. To me cunt isn’t even on the spectrum and I don’t know why some people are so offended by it. I guess it has something to do with it being so taboo. To be honest guys use bitch a lot more to put down woman than cunt, and they use it in a much meaner way. Bitch should be more offensive to women then cunt. Also, it greatly offends me when women, or anybody, says cunt is the n word for women, and as I have said before, to those women, or anybody who says that, you people are tremendous cunts.


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9 Responses to I Apologize To Any Women Who Was Repeatedly Called A Cunt As A Child

  1. Becoming Bitter says:


  2. Becoming Bitter says:

    What I don’t even get a “Oh Hello!” back?
    *Pouts* Fine… fine… we’ll play your way.

    Today’s Long Ass Comment On Danniel’s Blog:
    No curse word offends me. That would be my sister. Curse words like I’ve mentioned before are just man made assignments. You are correct – the intention behind the words makes it offensive. The word cunt means nothing to me. Why? I’m a science person. Cunt = Vagina in my dictionary. It’s just a reference to an anatomical part of a woman’s body. Bitch doesn’t offend me either. I’ve been called that before.

    You know me well enough to know that I stopped watching the video as soon as Kim’s name was spoken.

    Side Note:
    Can you do me a favor Danniel? Go outside… find a huge rock and throw it at my head.
    Please just kill me. If you want to know why – then ask me. I’ll answer.

    • Danniel says:

      The only reason I wrote any of this was so I could post my stupid video :p Guess this was all for naught.

      Why do you want me to find a huge rock and throw it at your head?

      • Becoming Bitter says:

        Because… there is a really amazing guy that I’ve gotten to know. The problem is that he doesn’t see himself that way. Plenty of girls “dig” this dude, but he’s unaware of all that. No, he’s aware but maybe it’s all ‘nothing’ to him. He thinks no girl will like him or at least the girl he likes.

        I felt upset for him so I found this wise old man and I asked him about this guy. The wise old man told me that “People are like flavors, if the flavor you’ve been trying hasn’t worked out for you – Go out and find a new flavor”. I wonder if he understands anything I’m trying to get across to him.

        Last night I was watching my favorite anime and I was listening to this song. I feel that song really suits him – He’s a prisoner in paradise.

        What do you think Danniel? I hope you found a nice huge rock in the time it took for me to type this comment up.

        • Danniel says:

          What’s funny is that probably the girls this guy has liked in the past thought that same thing about their selves that he thinks about him self. They say they aren’t amazing but he knows they are and tells them all the time. They eventually leave him, so maybe they aren’t so amazing. He thought they were amazing, he’s been called amazing, but he knows that just because people call someone amazing it doesn’t mean they are amazing.

          • Becoming Bitter says:

            Maybe this guy we’re both commenting about doesn’t know which girls are amazing. Maybe he’s just bedazzled by any old “shiny” girl. No, now I’m convinced he doesn’t know which girls are real jewels. He’ll trust girls that didn’t treat him how he should have been treated, but he won’t trust 20 other girls who are worth trusting. Yes, just because me (and 20 other girls) believe he is an amazing person – doesn’t make him amazing. That’s because the 20 of us are stupid. Yes, that’s what we are. Now about that rock… have you found one yet?

  3. Danniel says:

    The guy probably trusts the opinion of four girls who know him intimately than 20 girls who know him barely at all.

    • Becoming Bitter says:

      Thanks for the huge rock! I was waiting for it. Sometimes you don’t need to know every detail about someone Danniel. Sometimes it’s just enough to know certain things about them. Certain things that reveal a person’s true character. I want to ask him (If he’s still reading this comment) what is his criteria for an amazing woman? I’m curious now. If those 4 women are amazing and they left him – then they must have done the right thing. I wonder if he’s only looking for other people to confirm this…

      • Danniel says:

        The criteria is a feeling that builds up over time. Sure it’d be an easy argument to make that in order to find out if the best feeling he has ever had for a girl can be topped by another girl he needs to start talking to other girls and seeing if anything develops. Seems like a smart plan right? For him certainly. But maybe you’re wrong about this guy. Maybe he knows he’s amazing. Maybe he’s fucking arrogant and knows he can wrap any girl he wants tightly around his finger and make her fall for him. And maybe even he doesn’t even have to try and that girl will fall for him. Maybe that’s happen a lot in the past. And maybe all too often he doesn’t have the same feelings for her that he felt for that other girl, and no where near the same, so now he gets to break her heart. Oh boy oh boy, the one thing every guy loves doing. Maybe this guy doesn’t like doing that. Maybe he doesn’t like making girls feel the way other girls have made him feel. So instead he’s waiting. Maybe it will come, or maybe it won’t, but he’s not going to fake being happy with someone who is amazing, when he knows there’s the chance at someone perfect out there.

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