This Week In Quentin

What if this post was just about things I put in my ass this week? And I don’t even talk about them. I just make a list. A penny, triple A battery, dildo, not so lucky rabbits foot, cats tail while still attached to the cat. But that’s not what this post is about. This is just another excuse for me to write about my life, or rather my lack of life, seeing as I do nothing all the time, and exceptionally well if I may so as far as complimenting myself.

So in the past week three girls of my past that I haven’t talked to in months have contacted me essentially saying that they miss me, and what I mean by essentially saying that they miss me is that they literally said, “I miss you.” This happens a lot to me. Not to give myself any credit, but if I’m good at one thing, and there’s a lot of evidence to support that I am only good at one thing, it’s that I can get girls who live thousands of miles away to like me. However, I can’t get them to maintain that liking. Because in order for them to miss me they have to go awhile without talking to me, and that’s usually because I scare them away or God hates me and puts tons of attractive boys around them which are much more appealing than me.

So I’m not surprised that these girls miss me. I’m a great guy….um with the asterisk that I’m only great if the girl just got broken up with and is lonely and needs someone to sheepishly heap praise on her – all of which I firmly believe they deserve. But what I am surprised with is that these three girls all contacted me within the same week. Very odd.

I feel like they must all be in on this together. “We’ve all broke Quentin’s heart before” (to be fair only one of them did) but none of them slept with me, which is much worse than breaking my heart. All the guys in the house feel me!? (Not a wise thing to say when the only people ever to read this blog are girls and one guy who isn’t gay but finds penises to be attractive) so anyway back to my girls of my past talking to each other thingie…”We’ve all broke Quentin’s heart before, but that’s beginning to be no fun and way too easy. I say, whichever one of the three I may be,” I’ve got my guesses, “we all try to break his heart at once. The broken heart trifecta. It will be priceless.” Ha! Tough luck doing that. Little do they know I no longer have a heart. Just little red chucks of former love coated with bacon grease. So jokes on them.

Except not really. This whole three girls contacted me within a week thing would be a whole lot more interesting if it didn’t now coincide with Annabelle now officially not talking to me in a week. The old Quentin would be freaking out right about now. Worried that she might’ve found some other guy, with a bigger dick and way bigger wallet. But the new Quentin remains calm…knowing that of course she found some other guy with a way bigger dick and way way bigger wallet.

I kid, I kid. But seriously, this has happened to me way too many fucking times, and I don’t write this for pity or anything because I bring this on myself. First off I’m a terrible human being who deserves no love. But more so than that I go for all the wrong girls. The ones way out of my league and incredibly far away from me. I don’t know what Annabelle’s deal is. But I guess I’m just going to accept it as the end for now again. It sucks because I thought we were as emotionally connected as we’ve ever been, and she gave me plenty of reason to believe that we were waiting to be with each other. I mean nothing big, you know, just when I asked her if she would wait to be with me she said yes. But in her defense she might have thought I said, “Are you gonna leave me because I’m ugly and have a big nose?” (Enough with the self deprecation) In my defense I only do it to hide the pain…and also I deserve it.

I don’t know. I love Annabelle. It sucks how much I love her. At least parts of her. And not just her big boobs, even though I do fashion myself a boob man. She has an amazing personality, so this ending, if this is in fact the end, at least for now, really sucks because there are so many beautiful girls, and while there are so many great personalities, her personality was so super special.

I wasn’t going to talk about all that that much. I wanted just a paragraph or two on it. Let’s move on. This is nothing but a transitionary paragraph. Transitionary isn’t a word apparently. But adding ary to the end of words is excitingary.

On that youtube thingie I came across this singer I kind of enjoyed. She’s really cute. Far too cute for me to care about. Her name is Jayme Dee and she’s like almost a perfessional singer but not quite yet, but her videos have a lot of views but they’re mostly just covers of popular songs but in her own style, or maybe not her own style, but in a different style than the regular versions of the songs, which is something I like when hearing covers of songs.

I wrote this thing yesterday. Today Annabelle told me she’s dating someone else. I told her I love her and I hope he makes her the happiest man in the world. I got angry. I did my best to hide it from her, but I’m fucking angry. Not at her. So this is goodbye…until three months from now she calls to say she misses me…and my life is forever on repeat.


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7 Responses to This Week In Quentin

  1. Becoming Bitter says:

    WTGB???!!! Go read my damn comment you moron. Ughhh… mitchoso! (= crazy in Korean, No I’m not Korean at all – I just learned it from a Korean friend). I stopped reading after the 2nd paragraph. Why do I want to strangle you?! Oh God… please give me the strength to finish reading this obviously awesome guy’s post. *headdesk* *facepalm*

    • Becoming Bitter says:

      I am not going to like this post. EVAR! You’ve done the one thing…that even my sisters and brother have a hard time doing. You pissed me off. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD… you don’t scare nobody. Do I need to sing this? Do I need to dance to get this point across to you?
      She is a BITCH. They are ALL BITCHES. Why do I feel so strong about this? Because I’ve connected to your feelings and their is no escaping. I’ve had a relative go through the same thing. I’m in no position to give him any consolation, but the HELL will I ever let you think that way about yourself. I sit here inspired by you. I write these poems that are FUCKING unlike myself. What do you do in return? You get depressed. Are you disrespecting me? Don’t fuck with me like this. I know that it’s hard to get over some fucking bitch. I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. So I know your pain.

      I want to go… to wherever the hell you are living and first punch you then beat the crap out of all those bitches. *breathes*

      I see that it will take another damn poem to convince you. I didn’t bother listening to the song. I hate white girls. I kid… I hate most of them. Okay well the barbie blondes.

      If your live was a movie… this song would play in the background.
      Listen to the WHOLE damn song. This is the song I picture for you.

      If you weren’t such a charming and cheeky bastard I’d slap you silly.

      Thank you for bringing the raw bitter out of me. I appreciate it really.

      • Becoming Bitter says:

        I thought that my sincerity would show through. Not just mine but every girl who reads my blog or comments on my blog or talks about my blog – in relation to you. If you wanted me to stop reading your posts, to stop commenting on your posts. All you had to do was say the word. I know I’m weird, but I can’t just see someone selling themselves short like this. I used to let people think that I was beneath them, but not anymore. I wish that you gain this confidence soon too. Who cares about having sex? No really. I don’t get it. Why waste your time and endanger your health. How do you know who the girl’s been fucking? When you find the right girl all will fall into place. I can SEE that. Every girl who reads my damn blog SEES that. Why can’t you? What will it take? Do you want me to find a girl for you?

        • Danniel says:

          I don’t know how to reply to any of this.

          Thanks for caring though.

          • Becoming Bitter says:

            I’m gonna attempt to explain this 1 more time. You are exactly like a relative of mine personality wise. Do you how he was dumped? By wedding invitation. That’s right. Just when he thought they would be getting married he found out that bitch was getting married to some doctor 20yrs older than her. He felt like crap about himself. He was just like you wishing all the best for her. She sent me an invitation too. Of course I never went to that whore’s wedding. That’s why I got SO pissed at you. You are worth more than being someone’s rebound or plaything. So what if they come back. Ignore them. Is that really hard? Men say that women are hard to understand. I say nay. Men are hard to understand.

  2. This started out with me laughing and ended in a completely different place. I wasn’t going to comment because I had nothing useful to say, but I figured “what the hell”.

    Still reading.
    Still enjoying.

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