Bedtime Thoughts 26 – Hair In The Bathroom

About an hour or so ago I went into the bathroom, mostly to take a piss but also it’s nice to have a room to walk into where I know there’s a 65% chance I’m gonna get angry, and I found little hairs all over the toilet seat, the cushioned part. There was also hair on the floor, in the sink that’s constantly clogged, so much to the point that we use the bathtub to wash our hands in (that’s completely true) – except apparently everyone decides to use the sink until it’s filled with water after a day and takes a two weeks to drain – and there was hair in the bathtub, enough to clog the hair protector thing in the drain. This infuriated, but did not shock, me.

What human being thinks this is okay? It’s a family member of mine, probably my little brother, or maybe it’s not a family member and its his girlfriend, or most likely it’s both of them, but despite me sharing blood with the person, or at least sharing blood with the person who shares his fluids with this person, I’m not afraid to say this person is bad at being a human being.

Now you may think I’m being harsh, although it’s more likely you agree with me because you, reader, are a good human being, and would never leave all this hair, clearly from a haircut, in four different spots in the bathroom. That’s what really bugs me. It’s not like the person cut their hair then hopped in the shower and forgot to clear the drain strainer thing. Although that thing is never clean except after I shower, even though none of my hair is in it, or after I enter the bathroom to pee, wash my hands in the bathtub, then notice the strainer is clogged, get fucking annoyed, and clean the disgusting hair out of it myself. This person got their hair on the floor and didn’t care, in the bathtub and didn’t care, in the sink and didn’t care, and all over the toilet seat and didn’t care.

Maybe a person doesn’t notice one or two of those messes, but they at least notice half. So this person carelessly blew off cleaning their mess. And they’re cutting their hair, so they know there’s going to be a mess, so they knew to look for a mess afterwards. Or maybe after they cut their hair they looked in the mirror and thought, “Hmm, ironically after cutting my hair I’m missing a lot of hair. I wonder where it went? Must have evaporated into another dimension.” I strongly doubt this person is that dumb. Probably close to that dumb, but my money is on much more lazy than dumb. They probably thought, “Holy crap, that’s a lot of hair in the sink and bathtub and on the floor and toilet seat. Maybe I should clean that up? Nah, I gotta get back to leaving nasty comments on youtube and saying nigga because I’m white so I can’t say nigger because I’ll get my ass beat, but I’m still hardcore so that’s why I say nigga. Instead I’ll just let Quentin’s pussy ass clean this mess up. He’s so considerate, always cleaning up other people’s messes when he’s not in his room sulking over being lonely. What a dumb ass.”

P.S the mythical pussy ass is the favorite fantasy of bisexual men.


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4 Responses to Bedtime Thoughts 26 – Hair In The Bathroom

  1. Becoming Bitter says:

    I feel the same way! I’m always cleaning the shower, BUT (unlike you) somebody always blames me for the hair on the carpet floor. Not from cutting, girls shed hair like crazy (because of some crap like chlorine in the water I suppose). I clean that crap up and I still get blamed! That’s not even my hair! I only use the shower this bathroom. I don’t think you’re being harsh. Honestly, I love my immediate family, but their are times when I think… hmm… I wonder what it would be like if I got to pick my own family. Lol @ “another dimension” and youtube comments. That’s right – you can’t say nigger because you’re white. You should have kept that PS to yourself. I’m telling you my secret. *whispers* lesbos and bisexual men freak me the hell out.

  2. Becoming Bitter says:

    Daniel… even though you think you are alone and you’re going to be alone. U R KNOT! <<< This was done for emphasis. You're a great guy. Okay? You read my hate/love post. That's what it said in there and if I said it. Then it's right. Here I am commenting on you're blog and you think you're effing alone. What a way to make a lady special! So what if you don't have someone physically you have people on WP. Honestly I prefer the WP people. They make me laugh, smile, and get not so offended by what they say.

    To prove that you are the preferred choice of a male partner in life:

    Look at my Haikus for Men post. Read the whole thing. Then look at the results. Then look at the comments. If the first one (my post) doesn't convince you then I'm 150% sure something else will. Question if you don't mind answering: What age range are you? 20-25? You don't have to give me the exact number. If you don't want to answer at all you don't have to. 🙂

    • Danniel says:

      I’m 24. There’s nothing I have to hide, so if you ask a question I’ll answer it as honestly as I can.

      The haikus for men post did make me smile.

      • Becoming Bitter says:

        Then I’ve done my job. 🙂

        See I told U. I was right. You’ll learn in time that I’m usually if not always right. I tend to get my way too. I’m in that age bracket I indicated earlier too. There is a reason I’m not putting my age because I don’t want someone … from my psycho-analysis posts to figure out that’s me writing about them. We were the same age after all.

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