#9 Breathing Is Overrated

#9 Remember To Breathe by Dashboard Confessional

This is the final Dashboard Confessional song on my list, so I guess this officially means Remember To Breathe is my favorite Dashboard Confessional song, which isn’t that shocking because on multiple occasions I’ve listened to this song back to back or even back to back to back or even back to went to the bathroom to back to took a nap to back.

I have trouble remembering to breathe sometimes. I’ll just be standing around thinking, “I wonder what that girl thinks about me. She probably hates me. Although when I text her she returns my texts. Which is more than I can say for other girls. Although she does often return them with, ‘please stop txting me.’ She’s just playing hard to get. Holy crap, did I stop breathing? Hmm, I’m not really sure, I better wait this out…yep, I’m not breathing. How do I breathe again? Oh yeah, just take in air. Whew, that was close.”

I’m a pretty nervous person. Actually very nervous person. I worry a lot. I have very little in person experience with women, which means whenever I know I’m going to be with a girl, especially a girl I like, I get very nervous and start over thinking things and it takes a while for me to calm myself down.

I remember one night I was going to hang out with Shane and his now ex girlfriend Kayla, and Angela was going to be there. The last time me and Angela had seen each other was a week previous where we drunkenly bonded – I think drunkenly bonded usually means sex, but in this scenario it means I explained to her why Maria Sharapova was wrong for saying she did a 360 with her performance when she should have used 180, and somehow Angela still found me to be cute. It was a big deal to me because at the beginning of that summer we were all together at a lake and I found her super adorable and developed a crush on her, and somehow on the day after my birthday we found ourselves together with her surprisingly laughing at my drunken attempt at conversation with a girl a million times out of my league – at the time, and it still may be true, I proclaimed Angela to be the most attractive girl I have ever seen in person.

To find out the next day from Shane that she enjoyed my company was a great feeling. So to have the chance to hang out with her the very next week was of course nerve wrecking and I’d rather save myself embarrassment by not going and instead listening to The Best of Boy Bands in the 90s volume 2 – I would never really listen that, of course because it could never top volume 1, winky face.

Before going to hang out with her I remember listening to this song, a couple times in fact. Its calming message calmed me. I don’t know why. I still don’t know why. But I felt things would be okay. And even though I was nervous and thought I’d make a fool of myself I went and we had a fantastic time and it was the start of something beautiful…

Wait, although the night wasn’t horrible I made no progress with her and completely acted shy and spent the night hating myself and regretting every moment I didn’t say something witty or interesting to her and a month later she ended up calling me a creep.

But the point is…um, I guess there is no point. This is still a good song though.

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10 Responses to #9 Breathing Is Overrated

  1. Becoming Bitter says:


    I’m not some gay guy. I’m a female and I say that you are an adorable person (No I’m not interested in you *laughs*). I think it is refreshing to find a guy who gets this nervous around girls. To me it means that you aren’t a man-whore, but you already established that in your post. Not being a man-whore is a characteristic that is preferred by girls.Trust me. You don’t need any witty lines or charisma (though that would help your case). You need to be honest with her. Don’t be afraid of what she’ll think or how you’re going to act. Try being chivalrous or keep asking what she thinks or wants if you truly are afraid of saying something wrong. Honestly, you should just forget her. She may be “playing hard to get”, but what if she’s not? First impressions are the last impressions.

    Again… the night time comments ramble and never end.

    • Danniel says:

      Darn, I fell in love and had my heart ripped out all in the span of a sentence. Oh well. The situation I talked about happened like five years ago, so it’s long ago in the past and I’ve moved on from her and was able to have my heart really broken by many other girls 🙂 Not really that many. Like two, which isn’t that bad.

      I’ll try that apple and peanut butter combination sometime.

      • Becoming Bitter says:

        Danniel you’re ridiculous. Why don’t you take all that wit and humor and apply them on your dates (Ooo Burn!). Well even if it’s 5 yrs ago it left an impact on you didn’t it? Look I tend to take things seriously. I just do and it has nothing to do with my gender. Two girls… geez you really need to get out some more. Joking! No really. Take your time.

        Can I nickname you -> ?

        You seem *crosses the previous word out* are unsure about mostly everything. That’s not a bad thing though. You’re cautious. Another admirable quality because I can tell you won’t gamble. Gambling is a trait women hate the most. Again trust me on this.

        *Hands apple and peanut butter* Go on eat it. By the way I have a haiku written based on your post. You’re a guy so you probably don’t want to see it.

        • Danniel says:

          It didn’t leave as big an impact on me as more recent things. And it’s only been two girls that I’ve loved or really liked that left me in shambles. I’ve had things with more girls than that. Not sexual things, but nonetheless things.

          I’m very unsure about a lot of things…at least I think I am…on second thought I don’t really know.

          Of course I would love to see the haiku.

          • Becoming Bitter says:

            Adorably Nervous:

            On a date tonight
            Breathing became difficult
            Music calm me down

            Dedicated to you Danniel 🙂

            • Danniel says:

              Aw, Thanks 🙂 I appreciate that you took that time to do that

              • Becoming Bitter says:

                Your post inspired me. I’m not lying it did. If something “touches my heart”, If it can it reach… geez I don’t know what words to use. You get what I’m saying so it doesn’t matter. I’ve been surrounded with hateful people. People I thought that cared about me. People that I thought that loved me. These people wore their “masks” so well I never discovered their true intentions. So I don’t know. I guess when I come across something real. It reaches me.

                • Danniel says:

                  I think a lot of people are probably secretly romantic. I think it’s hard to openly be one without being afraid it will somehow get you hurt. But yeah, some people are horrible, and liars, or just confused in their lives and end up doing things to hurt other people just so they’ll avoid getting hurt. Becoming bitter is something I fear, but something I try to refuse to be. I know, or at least I think, from reading your posts that you look at it from more of a comedy side, but I assume there’s some truth to it. I don’t know. I just don’t want to turn into the guy who only cares about sleeping with girls. I want to be open and honest with my emotions and if that gets me hurt than it’s whatever. I don’t know. I don’t really know anything at all.

            • Becoming Bitter says:

              Well then that’s a good thing that it didn’t leave a big impact on you. Awww. Oh f*ck you made me make that sound. I hate you. Did I mention that I am secretly a romantic? I would play cupid if I could. Don’t tell anyone or I’ll kill you. I have my ways. So you’re serious too. Another commendable quality. Those girls are stupid sh*t heads then because you’re a great guy. Like I said it’s okay to be unsure. All the people that brag about having loads of sexual experience have none. This reminds me of RWJ’s Mr. Douche Bag song on YouTube.

  2. Becoming Bitter says:

    1. Everything you mentioned in your comment is true. I do put a comedic spin and each story has plenty of truth behind it. Bitter truth.

    2. Danniel. I commend you for your thinking (another way of saying “You’re a great guy and you’ll find the girl you’re looking for”).

    3. Do yourself and this blog a favor and take what you’ve put in your comment and what I’ve said about you and add it to your About Me page.

    4. I am not a usually… touchy feely person. That was a moment of weakness.

    5. Whenever you get tired of my long @ss comments or nagging-b*tch is pretending to be my mom personality just let me know. I’m not old at all, but I feel like I’m 200 yrs old. That’s what certain events can do to a person.

    6. Are there more words in the comment section versus the post? Sorry about that.

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