Simpsons Clip Of The Day

In a recent video I recorded, but never released due to technical difficulty and extreme sexual content (just technical difficulty), I paid homage to this scene from the Simpsons that has always stuck with me since I first saw it I guess ten years ago or some shit – I often, less so in my writing and more so when explaining my writing to other people, say that my writing is basically me just talking to myself, and there’s few better examples of that then just now when I said, “ten years ago or some shit,” because there’s no real reason for me to say “or some shit” except for the fact that it’s what I said in my mind, it’s the way I really would have said that, so even though I could easily edit it out, arguably improving the writing by leaps and bounds, I’d rather not, and you might be wondering why I even mentioned this, well right after I wrote it I commented to myself about how ridiculous it is for me to have written “or some shit,” and once again this writing is me talking to myself, so I had to include the reasoning I gave to myself for leaving it in.

Shortly after mentioning it in my video I decided to see if there was a clip of it on youtube (apparently shortly means two weeks later). It’d be funnier if there were like fifteen different clips of it on youtube and I just choose to use the Spanish version, even though my one quarter Mexican ass doesn’t speak a lick of – I could easily put a rhyming derogatory term here and it might sound smooth (and racist) but instead I’ll just go with what I was going to say – Spanish.

This is the kind of guy my friend Andreane goes for.

The reason I went with the Spanish version is because it’s the only version I could find on the internet. The funny thing about it is that often times when you see shows you love in other languages you don’t understand it’s funny. For one the characters sound different than the way you grew up with them. My beautiful friend Andreane lives in French Canadia (or Canada) and she says she can’t watch the Simpsons in English because she grew up with the French dubbed version. For two…well I had a two but it didn’t really pan out that well. I even wrote a sentence and then deleted it, which doesn’t seem very “me talking to myself” of me. But if you’ve seen me talking to myself you’ll realize it’s very “me talking to myself” of me.

I didn’t even get to the reason it’s so funny. It’s not just because it’s a famous scene I like in a different language, but rather because if you just watch the scene and hear the music with no knowledge of what Homer is really saying it seems really sad. I mean once the joke passes over the viewer kind of realizes it’s sad because Homer doesn’t realize that Marge doesn’t really want to kiss Artie Ziff. But the joke covers up that. So after watching this about five times and laughing, I realized if I had no clue what Homer was saying this clip would be really sad (and that’s funny for some reason?) that’s very funny…for some reason.

In case you’re among the likes of Ron Burgundy and don’t speak Spanish, or haven’t seen this episode of the Simpsons, what Homer is saying is, “Oh no! If Marge marries Artie I’ll never be born.” Which is funny for obvious reasons. The End.


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