#13 I Don’t Wanna Be You Anymore

#13 The Worst Part by Mansions

Dependent on whether God damn is one or two words, this song may start out with the best six or seven words ever, “Fuck you and your Goddamn scene.” And what strengthens it is that it just cuts to the chase. There’s no musical build up. You play the song and you’re hit with drumsticks knocking together four times then, “Fuck you and your God damn scene,” and immediately you – you being me because I can of course only speak for myself – think, “Oh shit, this shits going down right now.” And then you think, “Wait, did I just say shit twice within four words?” And then you stop thinking because you’re sucked into the fucking amazing song.

A few months back on one mildly warm summer’s day while listening to Mansions over and over and over again I made the proclamation to me, my cousin, the heavens and my 24 twitter followers – I’ve amassed a lot more since then, (so a lot means 2 now?) – that Mansions had replaced Bright Eyes as my fifth favorite band of all time. It wasn’t a hard decision when really thinking about it. Over the past year Bright Eyes has had a huge downgrade in my musical rotation, which isn’t really a rotation at all and more of a whatever I feel like listening to I listen to even if I happen to be listening to the same thing for the past two weeks, which I’m pretty sure is how everyone listens to music, so it’s nothing unique.

The fall of Bright Eyes I think has a lot to do with the rise of Mansions. As I said the music I listen to usually depends on what mood I am in, and sad (unironically) to say the mood I’m most often in is sad – which makes it all the more impressive that Say Anything is my favorite band because they only have a few songs that I really go to when I’m in a sad mood, two of which come up later on this list – If you know Bright Eyes you know a lot of it is very emotional, so I listened to Bright Eyes a lot when I first discovered them, but then Mansions came along, and I think I just connected more with them.

Also over the past year and a half or so my sadness has manifested in a somewhat high amount of anger – luckily this anger is almost never taken out on anyone but myself. “Fuck you and your Goddamn scene,” is a pretty angry line, which is a lot of the reason I like it. I don’t say fuck you to a lot of people. I think it a lot though. I think that’s why I’ve been feeling more angry, because I don’t let out my anger in the moment. I’ve become pretty good at holding back my emotion in the moment, and instead harnessing all of it for a later moment in time when I can use it to bring myself to new forms of depression. I think it’s very healthy. Other at least semi-ly angry lines I like,

            “All she really wanted was to fuck his accent, and somehow I’m responsible.” Por Favor Is Spanish

            “All you do is talk, talk talk, all about your self, self self, and I wonder if anyone else sees through your smile. When you’re going on and on, I never want the things you want. Would it kill you to see that it’s not cute to anyone who isn’t you.” Talk Talk Talk

            “So go to bed, or go to hell. I just called to wish you unwell.” Unwell

            “You’re all those things, I just can’t see, you’re screaming who I will always be. But I can change. Yes I will change, my face, forget my name.” Wormhole

“And while we’re on the topic you’re an asshole and you know it. Thinking everyone loves everything you do. But I have never been impressed when you make your drunken mess. Oh to think that once I thought that you were through, but now I don’t. No I don’t believe in you.” Take It Back

At this point in time Mansions is the only band I can see ever having a shot at replacing Say Anything as my favorite band of all time – that’s not true at all, Los Campesinos has a chance as well. Over the past year I haven’t connected with a band as much as I’ve connected with Mansions. I love the music and I love the lyrics even more.

“And if there ever was a time that I needed you, then baby I need you right now. Everyone else disappoints me, but you have never let me down. And I don’t think I could live without so please don’t ever go, ‘cause I need you now, and that you should know.” Millions Of Pieces


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