#15 I Wouldn’t Have Plugged The Clock (back) In

#15 The Brilliant Dance by Dashboard Confessional

Two things I love doing, but never do anywhere near well, being brilliant and dancing – pardon my tangent while I complain, but I’m too damn hot so I turn the fan on and now I’m too damn cold, is there no contentment in this world for me ? (No, there isn’t.)

I like the line in the song about the clock blinking 8s, but here’s why I like it. I use “but” because knowing you you think that I’ll deviate from the topic and go on to something else randomly, but this time that won’t happen. Oh no, you may expect me not to stay focused, you may even want me to not stayed focused so you can be right in your own perverse way, but I’m gonna stay focused because I’ve been working on my ability to stay focused, much like I’ve been working on getting through the first four seasons of Mad Men. That show is so good. I mean it’s no Breaking Bad, but what could ever hope to be Breaking Bad. That show is freaking amazing. Hard to think the lead actor is the dad from Malcolm In The Middle. Weird that Malcolm from Malcolm In The Middle races cars and plays drums in a band now. I wish I could be in a band. I just can’t learn an instrument though because I don’t have enough focus, unlike in writing where I’ve been working on my focus.

The blinking 8s imply that he doesn’t care to set the time on the clock, but here’s what I want to know, how did the 8s start blinking in the first place? Did he care enough to plug it in, but then somehow lose interest on his way from the outlet to the clock? Or maybe there was a power outage? I hope there was a power outage. Because if it’s just the whole plugging the clock in then he at least cared enough to plug it in, whereas the power outage could have taken place during his not caring so he never summoned up the strength to set the clock. I just don’t like thinking that during his not caring he somehow cared enough to plug it in. Which also begs the question of how it got unplugged? Did he go out and buy a new clock? Because that would take away a lot of the not caring emotion. Maybe his cat unplugged it? Not by accident either. His cat was performing an experiment to see if the guy would plug the clock back in and if so would he set the time. The whole point of which is to test the waters to see how much the guy will care if the cat eats the rest of the pizza he left getting cold on the table. The cat doesn’t want to get thrown out after all. Cats eat pizza right? My cats love pizza. I don’t love that they love to eat pizza. Especially my pizza when I’m not looking.


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