#17 The Moon. It Is Falling Down!

 #17 The Moon Is Down by Explosions In The Sky

You know, or at least I know, that I have an obsession with the moon, so this song already has me with the title. I wrote a short story for a creative writing class I took many moons ago that was sort of inspired by this song. Not in the sense that I imagine through music without lyrics the song was telling the story which I wrote about, but rather the much simpler sense that the song is called The Moon Is Down, so on the morning my writing assignment was due and having nothing interesting in my head to write about I thought, “Why don’t I write a story about the moon falling onto the earth?” Somehow that premise turned into a gay love story.

On occasion I’ll read the story again and I’ll laugh. Not because it’s a gay love story, but rather the writing is comical to me. Not because I meant it to be comical, although some of it I did, but rather because most of the things I write I can never imagine myself actually having written. I suppose especially when it comes to fiction because I don’t write fiction much.

I took a little while to read the story just now. It’s weird. I like that about it. I don’t think it entirely makes sense. And there’s a reference to the year 2012 that is shortly about to be proven not to happen. I also liked that I used so many A names, and completely unintentionally. Antarctican, which came about solely because I thought it’d be funny to be racist towards a race that doesn’t really exist, and then it ended up being a big part of the story. Arabelia, which I guess I made up based off Arabella, but I really like the sound of so if my wife allows that will be the middle name of my daughter. Andreane, which was a shout out to my Canadian friend. And lastly Addelyn, which might be my favorite A name in the story because the morning when I should have been working on the story I was talking to some girl in a chatroom who’s name I forget but who’s company I enjoyed a lot, and she brought up her daughter and I asked if I could use her daughter’s name in my story because I’m always so terrible at coming up with names for characters.

You could probably read the whole story in the time it takes to listen to the ten minute song, so maybe I suggest doing that to see what the experience is like. I’m guessing it isn’t good. In fact I’d probably just stop reading and focus on the song. About the last four minutes of the song is fucking amazing. I could listen to it over and over and over again, and I have on many occasions.


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