#19 Sleep Be Not Consistent.

#19 Slowly, Through A Vector by Say Anything

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. In the last couple of days leading up to this point I was up for 24 hours, slept for 15 hours, up for 20 hours, slept for 12 hours, up for 13 hours, slept for 3 hours, up for 12 hours, slept for five and a half hours, and now I’m here typing this at three forty eight in the morning wishing I was still asleep so I could wake up in a couple of hours, make some eggs with toast or possibly English muffins with organic peanut butter that tastes funny and has lumps but there’s no other peanut in the house that hasn’t been around as long as all the Harry Potter movies, with some tea and then not masturbate, or maybe masturbate, I never really know which these days, and then work out a little, followed by being depressed all day and accomplishing nothing.

I’ve been extra depressed lately. I’ve been talking to Eva a lot more, so that keeps me happy when it’s occurring, but I don’t know how long that will last. We even Skype from time to time, which is a real treat for me because she’s fucking beautiful, and I’m not just saying that because she now knows that I write here – I don’t think she’ll read this anyway. She’s a pretty cool girl. A weird personality, but that’s kind of the only personality I enjoy to a large extent. Very sweet as well. When I talk to her I don’t think about Annie. But when we’re done talking I think about Annie. And I have my phone close to me in case she calls or texts, which doesn’t happen anymore. She used to always call me at one, or two, or three in the morning, often times I would be asleep, so I got in the habit of sleeping with my phone in my hand, or on my body so it’d wake me up and I could talk to her. Still the first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone. I’m almost always disappointed.

This song is fucking amazing. It’s always been fucking amazing to me because it has three parts. The first part of the song is all about the instruments. I mean the lyrics are good and help build the entire song, but the instruments really take the lead. Then when he starts with,

            “When I get to your apartment I climb the rail upside the building. A band of them were in your apartment. They tied you up, unwound, unwilling. I watched them cut, watched them touch. Watched them do what they came to do. And in I come to lick it up. Clean up what is left of you,”

            Thus began the second part of the song and it’s all about the lyrics. Clearly not all about the lyrics, but they take center stage. What weird lyrics they are. Sexual in nature. I think sexual in nature. I suppose weird in nature, sexual in my head. I have no idea what this songs about.

            “Ha, ha, ha, show me what you got.”

            This ends the song. He just repeats that. The backup singers repeat it. I don’t understand it. I like it. Most thinks I like I don’t understand. I don’t think that’s entirely true, but I think it makes sense.


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  1. There are few women so perfect that their husbands do not regret having married them at least once a day.

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