Should I Feel Ashamed That I Actually Want To See Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes?

I woke up roughly around midnight which is not good considering I just figured out my helping my mother with work tomorrow schedule and it turns out I won’t be able to get all the work done possibly until ten at night, which means I’d be starting at about eleven in the morning and going until ten at night, which sounds worst than it is because most of my time will actually be spent fucking around, and by fucking around I mean listening to podcasts, or writing in my little notebook for the long stretches in between working.

The job I’m helping my mother with isn’t a 9 to 5 type job, meaning it’s based on hours. It’s a you’re done when you finish everything you have to do type job, so I have to take into account the show times at the two theaters I’m going to be working at in Vancouver Washington and how long it will take me to walk from one to the other (35 minutes) and eat lunch (could be ten minutes could be an hour depending on the laziness factor) and whether I want to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes in one sitting or spaced out over two or three viewings between working.

Part of the job I help my mother with is watching movie trailers over and over again, and over the past couple months I’ve seen I think four different versions of the Apes movie – I’m just going to call it that to save me time typing and you time reading, because I value your time – probably, I’m and not joking, more than 100 times. A couple weeks ago in one day I watched 77 trailers. It was probably a total of ten different trailers but mostly just the same six over and over again, one being the Apes movie trailer, which I’ve been seeing every time I help my mother with work for months now.

It started out looking horrible and like Hollywood was just rehashing old shit that worked before in a way to make nostalgia money. Although I suppose I can’t always call it nostalgia anymore, because is anyone in the summer of 2012 going to see The Amazing Spider-Man thinking, “I want to relive that feeling I had ten years ago when the first Spider-Man came out.” Not only do I hate the title The Amazing Spider-Man, mostly the “amazing” part, but the trailer doesn’t seem promising to me, not that it really shows a lot, but it just doesn’t seem too drastically different from what we saw ten years ago with the first Spider-Man, not that it has to be drastically different, except I kind of think it does since they’re so close together. But anyway,

I have to work this movie but I in now way want to watch it even though I enjoy Jason Bateman, and Olivia Wilde is beautiful, and I have a completely irrational hatred of Ryan Reynolds which sounds like a negative towards seeing the movie, but I love enraging my jealously...because I'm fucked up like that?

The first Apes trailer I didn’t care for, but after the second and/or third it started to look like it might have some substance. And then when I saw the most recent trailer I was like, “I’m probably going to regret it but I have to see this mother fucking movie,” which is saying a lot because I get to watch movies for free and most of the time I don’t. I worked Cowboys and Aliens for two days last week and had three different periods in each day where I had about two hours to kill and in all six of those combined periods I never decided to watch the movie. Instead I listened to my ipod. Granted that’s not saying much because it didn’t look like that great of a moive, but I still could have watched Captain America, or Crazy Stupid Love, or even Harry Potter if I wanted, but I didn’t want to. It’s weird that my family has this job with great movie watching benefits and I have very little desire to ever take advantage of it. But not today, or tomorrow, or last week, or 30 years from now when monkeys have taken over the planet, or whenever you maybe be reading this, because I’m going to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes – I may have even more free time so I might watch Crazy Stupid Love as well since it’s getting kind of good reviews, right?

The monkey has feelings. That’s what got me in the trailer. The story, if you didn’t watch the trailer I hopefully linked to, is that James Franco is working on a cure for Alzheimer’s and he’s testing it on monkeys and he takes one monkey home and he gives the possible cure to the monkey and also – I’m assuming this based on the trailer – John Lithgow who appears to be suffering from Alzheimer’s. The monkey gets smart, and in the trailer when Lithgow is trying to eat his eggs with the wrong end of the fork and the monkey grabs it and flips it around for him the right way and the monkey looks at him with that look of sorrow I almost tear up. This movie looks like it has some emotion to it. No doubt it’s going to be a big CGI action fest, but I’m getting my hopes up that there’s an actual story the audience can connect with.

I think I know how it’s going to end. That sounds completely ridiculous because it’s a prequel so we know where it leads. But just like in the horrible Star Wars prequels we knew that Anakin Skywalker was Darth Vader, but we didn’t know what made him become Darth Vader. The trailer of course gives away how the monkeys got smarter, and alludes to how the main monkey may have gotten a chip on his shoulder which led to the revolution, but I think the ending is going to have a twist, or at least an unexpectedness to it. I’m not going to say what I think it is because if it is right, which I’m sure it won’t be, it will be a spoiler in the sense that if you see the movie and it does happen it won’t have the same impact because much of the shock will be taken out of it because your mind will have already thought of that possibility.

I feel weird. Like I didn’t know I wrote this much, nor did I plan to write this much. I was just going to kill a little time before I have to get ready for work in like six hours. I don’t even know what I all wrote, so I’m sort of curious to read it over and find out how boring it all was (the reread happened and it turns our incredibly boring). Like I know I wrote about movies, but really what could I have possibly said that takes up about a page and a half of word document space?

I podcasted with Christopher earlier today before I took my nap which led me to wake up at the unfortunate time of midnight leading to my probably more than 24 hours of being up today. The podcast went a lot better than the podcasts in July, which I was hoping for because I was getting really discouraged with how poorly I was becoming at entertaining. I now believe that it was partially because I was more depressed in July than I had been in recent memory, but also because I hadn’t been preparing well, which also has to do with being depressed. I prepared more than usual for the most recent episode, which isn’t saying much, and I think the product shows that. Christopher was on his game as usual and I added some good moments here and there, so if you have time to kill and you enjoy a mixture of wacky, somewhat perverted, sarcastic, explicit humor that never takes itself too seriously and every once in awhile actually says something thought provoking on a topic or news item you should give the podcast a listen.

I’m still depressed, not as much as before because I’m feeling a little better physically which helps me emotionally in thinking maybe my body isn’t raging against me, but overall I’m feeling more optimistic in life. I’m just kind of saying this out of nowhere without really having much to say about it, but I think it’s good to say it, or write it down, or just get it out in some way that I’m not great, but I’m doing better, and it’s something to feel good about.


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One Response to Should I Feel Ashamed That I Actually Want To See Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes?

  1. I hope U like it.
    It wasn’t a movie of the year type, but I really enjoyed it.

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