#21 “And if I was blessed…”

#21 A Walk Through Hell by Say Anything

This is probably without a doubt (how can it be probably but also without a doubt?) the biggest surprise of my countdown to me. I thought this song would end up in the top ten, yet here it sits at number 21. An embarrassment by no means to officially be considered my 21st favorite song of all time, but still considering where I thought it’d end up 21 is a big disappointment. You’d think me being in charge of my whole list and stuff would give me a better grasp of where songs are going to end up on it, but not really.

At the beginning I sat and listened through 123 songs that I had narrowed down from over 1,000 and I gave them each a rating out of ten. This song came with the 9th highest rating, so I figured it had a pretty good shot of making the top ten. But as I’ve been finding out every time I have to choose what song goes next on my list the songs feel different to me when compared to the other songs that I’ve rated close to them. I always listen to the songs I’m considering to be next on my list before I choose, sometimes multiple times because the decision is so hard, and tonight I just couldn’t put this song over any of the others. While listening to it I didn’t get the same feeling I got from the other ones. It really is surprising because about a year ago whenever people would ask me my favorite song I would of course say I don’t know, but this would almost always be my go to song when giving them a song I love that they must listen to. So there was a little place in my mind where I thought this could actually be my favorite song. Turns out it’s not meant to be…if in fact anything is ever meant to be.

It’s a sweet song. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t hold the same place in my heart it once held. I’ll admit over the past year I’ve been more angry and sad than previously before, so maybe I just can’t relate with happy stuff as much, therefore it suffers in its meaningfulness to me. Of the next 20 songs on my list I would label 16 of them as either sad or angry. Three out of the four that I wouldn’t label as that happen to also be by Say Anything.

That’s it for this. I’m not really in the mood to write about this song. Enjoy the song though. It really is nice.


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