#23 Turpentine Chaser by Dashboard Confessional

As I write this I’m contemplating whether I should eat first, or eat later, or seeing as I’m kind of tired perhaps not eat at all tonight? I’m not entirely hungry for reasons I’m not entirely aware of, but were I to eat both you and I can be entirely sure the food won’t be chased with turpentine. Like the segue? Well too bad (assuming they said they did like it), because it’s a false segue. Not in the sense that it wasn’t proper in getting from one topic to the next, but rather in that I’m not ready to talk about the song yet. I still want to work out my hunger situation.

I changed my mind, but I don’t want to talk about the song either. I’ve always really liked this song, especially the end. It’s enjoyable to sing as well. Well not enjoyable for anyone around to hear me. I’m a horrible singer. It’s rather tragic because from a young age I’ve had song writing aspirations. I’m not a good song writer (“song” could be dropped) so it’d end up being me singing horrible lyrics, with my horrible voice, and assuredly some horrible guitar playing by none other than my horrible self. Sadly the horrible musician version of me still gets laid more than the real version because he had blind confidence and confidence sells.

Sadly I think that’s all I have to say tonight. I’m a bit tired, and a bit more depressed, so I think I’m going to post this quickly and hop into my unmade, but newly rid of all the crap on it, bed. Itzel Atkinson wants to be friends with me on Facebook. Who the hell is Itzel Atkinson? That’s your cliffhanger for today, folks.

Okay, no cliffhanger. Itzel Atkinson is a fake (assumably) profile of some chick on Facebook in a thong. Facebook is starting to get spam. This looks rewarding for Google +.


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