#25 The Most Recent Number 1

#25 One-Eighty By Summer by Taking Back Sunday

The last time that I could ever tell anyone what my favorite song was this was my answer, but that was years and years ago, before Say Anything came into my life and blew up any concept I had of how great music could be. That’s only partly true though. Yes, quickly after listening to Is A Real Boy by Say Anything for the 100th time in a row I decided that I couldn’t rightfully say I really had a favorite song anymore, I had to reanalyze everything. That being said, there are still a couple songs left on this list that I heard before I started listening to Say Anything, and even before I started listening to this, meaning that at one point I liked this song better than those songs, but over time I now like those songs more than this song. So this song being at 25 instead of 1 is a mixture of Say Anything changing my concept of great music and Taking Back Sunday just gradually being less appealing to me.

Because this was my last favorites song, and still will be until I finish this list hopefully in early September, I should have much to say about it. I probably could, but I want to get to some other more pressing issues. So I’ll just say that there was a point in time, I think maybe during Junior and Senior year in high school, where I would listen to this song every day before I left for school. Granted it’s not as often as it sounds because I missed a lot of school. It was very important to me to make sure the last song I heard was good before I started doing something where I wouldn’t get to listen to music again for a long time, or at least what seemed like a long time.

In high school I had no mp3 player, so I couldn’t listen to music in between classes, or at lunch, or especially when the resident bully was giving me a swirly in the stall Timmy Johnson famously experience raging diarrhea for over an hour in (that’s not true). I’d wake up, get ready quickly because I would always wake up as late as possible, and play a few songs on my CD player while I was getting ready, and they would always be the songs I liked the most at that moment because I would be off to school for 7 hours, or if it was football or basketball season, or it was in the spring and me and my friends would play tennis or Ultimate Frisbee, I might not be home for 10 to 14 hours, which means I would probably have to go that long without listening to my favorite songs, which doesn’t sound long at all but felt like a long time, and I kind of miss that feeling.

I have an mp3 player now, and I use it always, even when I’m brushing my teeth or, sadly, taking a dump – I make sure not to contaminate it, too much. Back before my mp3 player whenever I came across a great song there would only be a limited amount of time when I would be able to listen to it. Then I’d have to go off and do whatever and while I was doing that I couldn’t wait to get home so I could listen to the song again. And when I would listen to the song it would seem so much better because I had spent all that time waiting for it.

In today’s society we’re always complaining about how long we have to wait for things, but I like it. I don’t want football to be on 52 weeks a year – although I definitely don’t want a lockout and no football at all for a whole year. I remember back when Lost was on, and that was the huge, “God damn it I can’t wait a week for the next episode, and yes I would totally club a baby seal just to see five minutes of the next episode now.” Throughout the week I’d be thinking about Lost and looking forward to it. It’s nice having things to look forward to. It makes everything else seem worth it in ways. I need more of those things in my life.

I’m helping my mother with work later today for the final installment of Harry Potter. I thought I was just doing some simple stuff at one theater that I could get done in about three hours and be home and in bed by 3pm. I only care about being home that early because I woke up at ten o’clock at night the day before I have to work, meaning I’m probably going to be up all night before working, which I wouldn’t have minded, until I found out I have to do more. Here’s what my day is going to be.

Post this online. Listen to podcasts as I try to get some sleep so I won’t be so tired today. Say, “fuck it,” once I figure out I won’t be able to get any sleep because I’ve only been up for seven hours. Make some breakfast, go play a little basketball alone to get a little exercise. Come home and sit around for awhile doing I don’t even know what. Head to work, get to the theater in Vancouver at roughly 10:15. Be annoyed at how many people are at the theater that early in the day to watch Harry Potter – why I’m annoyed I don’t even know. Walk towards the other theater around 1:30, get to Dairy Queen around 2:15, hope the hot chick that was there last time is there again, be disappointed that she’s not, eat my burger, fries and Pepsi soda pop slowly while listening to probably the Adam Carolla podcast. Head to the other theater at 3:05 hoping that girl I had one great conversation with is there. Be disappointed that she’s not, but then kind of relieved because she’s only sixteen and even though I was attracted to her before finding out she was sixteen it’s still creepy. Leave that theater and get to the other theater back in my hometown of Portland and be there until 11:30 at night among the huge crowd of Harry Potter dorks – no offense Harry Potter dorks, it’s always nice to find something you’re that passionate about. Then get home around midnight and be up for two more hours entering all the data online, and then pass out and sleep for who the fuck knows how long.

I can’t wait.


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