#27 Where Did All My Thoughts Go?

#27 Admit It!!!! by Say Anything

Well if this isn’t a fucking wonderful song to end a fucking amazing CD with then color me rainbow and bend me over – that’s not a shot at gay people, it was just the first thing to pop in my head.

This was the first Say Anything song I ever heard, and it’s responsible for getting me to continue listening to Say Anything, which later would result in them becoming my favorite band, so this song means a lot to me.

All that being said I have absolutely nothing to say about this song. I kind of feel like I’m not allowed to say anything (no pun intended) about it…there was a pun? Like my brain isn’t smart enough to make good enough metaphors about the song, or even just relate how this song makes me feel. How does this song make me feel? Good question, the therapist that resides in my head.

This song makes me angry, but in a good way.

I am angry, but in a bad way. I’m angry that I have nothing to say. What happened to me? Didn’t I once have things to say? Wasn’t there a time when I had thoughts on things? Where did all my thoughts go? If I ever write a song, or a story, or a poem, or a blog post or words on paper, “Where did all my thoughts go?” will be in contention for the title.

I’m just going to go. I’m going to go eat a frozen burrito. I’m going to microwave it first because otherwise it seems considerably less desirable. I might not eat a frozen burrito that I first microwaved at all though. I might have some tortilla chips and salsa instead, but not both. I’ve been watching my weight recently. I record my tummy in HD, burn it onto a Blueray disc, and then watch it on a 72 inch screen in disgust…with buttery popcorn. That’s a joke of course. Not a good joke of course.

I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. Not like visions in my head while I sleep. Well yeah, that too. But more so like having hopes. I don’t know what I would do without hopes and dreams. Probably be blissfully happy. I didn’t need to say both blissfully and happy, right? I wouldn’t name my daughter Bliss. My wife might. I can’t really say with certainty what she will or won’t do because I don’t know who she is yet. I may know who she is, I just have no idea she’ll be my wife. That is if I am to ever have a wife. Blithe with an i means carefree or happy. Blythe with a y is a doll company or an actress with the last name Danner. I don’t mind Blithe with an i or Blythe with a y, but Bliss sounds like a stripper name. I really don’t want my daughter to be a stripper. But if she happens to I hope her stripper name is Bliss and then at least I’ll be able to laugh about it.


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