32 – horrible post and worse poetry

#32 Cute Without The E (cut from the team) by Taking Back Sunday

I get headaches like every single day now. You’d think, or at least in my crazy achy head I’d think, I’d get used to them and they wouldn’t bother me as much as before. But nope, every single headache is just as annoying as the one before it. I imagine this is how hell works. I’m sure many people, among myself, must assume that after six or seven billion years in hell they’d get use to the constant burn from the 1,000 or whatever degree heat. But nope, day after day the pain is just as bad as it was before. Sleeping isn’t so bad though, granted you can even get any sleep in that kind of heat. And don’t think lying on a bed of ice will help. In a matter of moments that’s going to turn into a boiling stew featuring you.

This was the very first Taking Back Sunday song I ever heard. I’m sure that’s unique to no one considering this was their first big song off their first album. I used to be in love with it, the lyrics, the instruments, the stupid title, but now I just have a decent amount of liking for it.

I have a headache and can’t think straight so I’m just going to say things that come to my mind.

I think my headache is starting to ebb. Ebb is the right word? Like opposed to flowing my headache is ebbing. Do headaches flow? If this were poetry, which it certainly isn’t, anything could flow. Flow seems like such a poetic word. Watch my love flow for you right out the window. That’s too obvious though. Love and windows are always in poetry. Let’s try something with less poetry staples. With each bite of the plump pretzel the saltiness ebbs and flows like my masturbation when watching porn involving two guys and only one girl. See, it sounds poetic because of the word flow. Flow is just one of those poetic words. Unlike fart. The flow of your fart stunk up the love in my heart I once had for you. See, I have no idea if that sounds poetic or not.

This was one of my worst posts ever. Forgive me Jesus, for I know you read this.


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