#34 “I restored your mother’s faith in men, whilst boring you to death.”

#34 Documented Emotional Breakdown #1 by Los Campesinos

This is one of those songs that I remember exactly where I was when I first heard it. That’s really not as impressive as it sounds because 90% of the time I hear new music I’m in my bedroom, as boringly is the case in this situation. However, I remember almost exactly when I first heard this song, almost to the exact date.

It was a few days before Thanksgiving of 2008. Things were so different back then. I had no job, I was living at home with my folks, I had no girlfriend, I was a virgin (all of those things are still true) so, lots of people don’t make any progress in life over two and a half years (yes, they’re called losers) how rude.

It was at night because I remember Squid had played the song. Squid was my buddy from the Pi Delta Cappa fraternity down the street. That’s not true at all. He was the DJ on the local radio station I used to listen to. He wasn’t one of my favorites, but he came on after Jamie Cooley, who was my favorite, so I often just let the radio stay on and would listen to all the crap he played. But for all the crappy music he played, he made up for it by playing this song from the We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed demo he had been sent.

I listened and slowly fell in love, but not soon enough to hit the record button on my radio. Nonetheless I wrote down the name of the band and the next night when my brother wasn’t home I grabbed my Ethernet cord and connected it from my computer into the modem in his room – this is how I used to have the internet before we went wireless, it really sucked because I could only use it when he wasn’t home – and I looked up as many Los Campesinos songs as I could find, and immediately loved them, enough that a couple days later when me and some friends went shopping on Black Friday I bought their first album Hold On Now Youngsters…unfortunately I was unaware that my three favorite Los Campesinos songs would not be on it, but nonetheless I loved it.

Shopping on Black Friday was interesting, in the most boring sense of the word. David and I had spent the night at Quy’s house staying up all night, them playing video games or watching some weird Asian videos, and me using Quy’s internet to listen to music and talk to my love at the time, who I think was still in her motherland. Weird thing about talking to her, most of our earliest conversations took place when I was at Quy’s house, because David and I would go over there a lot to spend the night and most of the time I’d just stay up all night listening to music and talking to her because I didn’t have full access to the internet at my house – nor did I have full access at Quy’s house because it would have been very awkward to watch porn while Quy and David slept in the bunk bed less than a foot away from me. But it’s weird to think from my perspective we had a lot of our early intimate conversations while Quy and David were around.

But in the morning around five or something Ha (now Alex) came to pick us up and we went to Wal-Mart, yes Black Friday shopping at Wal-Mart who already has ridiculously low prices, because Ha wanted to buy a camera on sale that they only had like 100 of or something, and that’s all he bought. So basically we waited in line with him in the freezing cold, although not technically freezing I just wanted to paint a picture, for about two hours for the store to open so he could get 30 dollars off a digital camera. Also he cut in line, which none of us were pleased about. I would have rather waited in line for another hour than have everyone else who got their earlier have to wait for an extra person, and I’m an atheist for God’s sake, so apparently I have no reason to have any morals!

Then we went to some other stores and it was completely boring and I was super tired and David got headphones and then we went home and two and a half years later I wrote this and frankly I wish I would have ended this after the previous paragraph.


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3 Responses to #34 “I restored your mother’s faith in men, whilst boring you to death.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The end of this song is really bad.

    • sololos says:

      That was me BTW.

      • Danniel says:

        I like the end of the song in the sense that it’s an emotional breakdown (of the documented and minor persuasion) so it kind of makes sense that the song would end in that fashion. But in a way more agreeing with you, I don’t like the end in the sense that it drags on for about a minute too long to be pleasing to my ears. I did factor that in when placing the song on my list.

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