#39 I Never Get To Why It Reminds Me Of My Old Xbox

#39 One Lonely Visitor by Chevelle

Aside from being lonely, this song always reminds me of my old Xbox. Before I had a computer and all these gigabytes of digital music I had CDs that I would have to insert in this antiquated machine I’m sure you kids have never heard of called a CD player. It was built into this thing called a radio that would play songs, three or four in a row, followed by five minutes of these things called commercials. Commercials are the annoying things you have to sit through for 30 seconds to a minute at a time when watching videos on Hulu. So I would have to insert my CDs, five at a time because I have a five disc changer that with speakers is I no longer use expect to seriously support this medium sized book shelf type thingy, into the CD player to listen to them and there was no shuffle so I would listen to the whole CD, rather then hearing a song by Kid Cudi, then a song by Say Anything, followed by a song by Mansions, followed by some Miley Cyrus…huh, how’d that get on my ipod.

I look back on those days fondly actually. I enjoyed putting my five favorite CDs into my CD player and listening to them on repeat over and over again throughout the day – the last time I recall doing that, years ago, I think the five CDs, in no particular order, were Say Anything’s …Is A Real Boy, Brand New’s Your Favorite Weapon, Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friend’s, Dashboard Confessional’s The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most, and Brand New’s Deja Entendu. Now I hardly ever listen to a whole album in order except for the first few times I’m listening to a new album. It’s nice though. I like getting a feel for the album and to hear how songs lead into each other. I’ve always been fascinated by that, and curious to what the band’s thought process is in why each song goes where it does.

Sometimes when listening to a song in the middle of an album I’ll get annoyed that it wasn’t the last song of the album. I don’t think the best song on an album should necessarily be put at the end of an album to leave the listener with the best possible taste in their mouth (what does taste have to do with hearing?) or even at the beginning of the album, especially at the beginning of the album – just this week I listened to Mansions new album Dig Up The Dead with extreme expectations, Mansions is becoming one of my favorite bands and this was a real chance for Mansions to possibly crack my top five, and the first song, Dig Up The Dead, was great, but the rest of the album was a real let down, not only based on my standards coming in, but also because the first song was so good, luckily after listening to the album a few times more I discovered that I really like the last three songs of the album, especially the last song, Yer Voice, which is a nice song for the end of an album. I would almost say that the first song of an album and the last song of the album should be written with the intent of being the first or last song of the album, or course that seems absurd today considering people now buy their songs $1.19 at a time on itunes (is that really how much the average song costs on itunes?) I have no fucking idea since I illegally download…um, porn, yeah, porn, not music, in case any people of authority are paying attention and are looking to crack down on people stealing music (but somehow illegally stealing porn is much better?) does any internet policeman, for that is what they are called, really want to be known as the one sending horny teens to jail for taking money out of Ginger Lynn’s pocket? (Not sure that horny teens are into Ginger Lynn) oh, more into Linda Lovelace, Nina Hartley, Christy Canyon? (More like Sasha Grey, Joanna Angel, and any hot girl who posts slutty videos on youtube).

Yep, I like her for her eyes. Her two big beautiful fake eyes.

Behind The Scenes: I just spent like ten minutes googling the names of pornstars of yesteryear and the most popular pornstars among teens for that joke. A couple problems, I’m well aware that the majority of my few readers are girls, young girls in their late teens to early 20s, so I’m not sure they’ll – they’ll being you – will realize that the first few names were of pornstars from the 80s, or, assuming you aren’t keeping up to date with the porn industry, even know who the last two people I named are. Also, I couldn’t find any lists of pornstars popular among teens, just lists for most popular pornstars. So I was constantly thinking, “I know I would jerk off to Memphis Monroe, but would a 16 year old?” Sadly Memphis Monroe wasn’t on the list I read, but she’s one of my favorites in a weird way. She has like really beautiful eyes and every time I see one of her videos, not that I watch porn because I’m a decent human being who has never even for a second watched any of that filth, I think, “I could see myself being cuddly with her,” and then she gets a cumshot to the face, “she’d have to thoroughly shower first though.” It’s weird because there are a few pornstars that just look really adorable to me for whatever reason. It’s just weird having that kind of attraction to a girl, like not wanting to fuck the shit out of her but rather cuddle while watching Party Down or Glee which I don’t want to watch but I’ll sit through a bunch of bad singing from teens if I get to be with her, and while I’m having fantasies of cuddling she’s on screen having 6 out of 7 ½ inches of a veiny cock forced down her throat. Sometime I question the way my mind works (‘sometimes’ isn’t enough).


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